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MAT for Pre-Service Teachers

30 credits

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) - Pre-Service track is designed for students who are entering the field with little or no teaching experience. Students will earn a master’s degree in teaching and a Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) endorsement at program completion. Initial licensure is obtained through an employment-based practicum outside of the program.


Required Courses

  • EDU 510 Psychological and Social Foundations of Education
  • EDU 511 Culturally Relevant Curriculum and Instruction (Field Based Experience 1, 30 hours)
  • EDU 512 Teaching and Managing Inclusive Classrooms (Field Based Experience 2, 30-hours)
  • EDU 525 Critical Literacies
  • EDU 552 Sheltered English Immersion (Field Based Experience 3, 30 hours)
  • EDU 601 Sociocultural and Political Contexts of Education
  • EDU 602 Inquiry and Research

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Content Methods Course - choose one: ENL 549 English, HST 501 History, FLL 524 Foreign Language, MTE 502 Math, or SCI 541 Science

Elective: Graduate-level Content or EDU Course

Elective: Graduate-level Content or EDU Course 
Special Education Add-On License Option

+6 credits

  • EDU 548 Classroom Management for Mildly and Moderately Disabled Students
  • EDU 549 Diagnostic and Remedial Assessment for Mildly and Moderately Disabled Students

Teaching English as a Second Language Concentration

+3 credits

  • EDU 651* Language, Culture & Linguistics
  • EDU 652* Current Sociolinguistic Issues in TESOL 
  • EDU 653 Theories of Language Acquisition - Implications for Instruction 
  • EDU 654 Field Experience: Methods & Materials for Language

*EDU651 and EDU 652 replace content methods and content courses.

Important information

Non-degree students: Students may take up to 6 credits prior to acceptance to the program, however to be eligible for financial aid, students must be matriculated. Non-degree students may obtain permission to enter courses by contacting Traci Almeida, Graduate Admissions Coordinator: 508.999.8098 or

GPA requirements: Candidates must maintain a B average in all EDU courses. No grade less than a B- will be accepted. Additionally, the University requires that all graduate students maintain a 3.0 or higher grade point average.

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