Marine and UnderSea Technology (MUST) Research Program at UMass Dartmouth
$4,576,764.00 Ramprasad Balasubramanian
Development and Application of Liquid Chromatography (LC-MS)-Based Analysis of T
$24725.00 Catherine Neto
Southcoast CHIP
$95254.00 David Borges
Harbor and Outfall Monitoring Services (2020-2023)
$80942.00 Jefferson TurnerJefferson Turner
Creating the Ultimate Ballistic Body Armor (UBBA) Material Structure
$15000.00 Yong KimVijaya Chalivendra
Quincy College Economic Contribution
$51877.00 David Borges
Towards a Guide for Software Defect Tracking, Modeling, and Analysis
$54,200.00 Lance Fiondella
Projecting Climate-related Shifts in American Lobster Habitat and Connectivity
$138,812.00 Changsheng Chen
Visualizing data relationships across multiple views
Harvesting and applying data about the sea
$65,700 Kevin Stokesbury
Harwich cold brook natural attenuation project
$36,732 Brian Howes