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David Brown, PhD


Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Electrical & Computer Engineering




Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Fall River 123




Science & Engineering 214F


1991Naval Postgraduate SchoolPhD in Engineering Acoustics
1988Naval Postgraduate SchoolMS in Engineering Acoustics
1985University of Rhode IslandBS in Electrical Engineering




Research awards

  • $ 366,436 awarded by Office of Naval Research for UMassD MUST I: Acoustic Radiation and Directional Patterns (ARDP) of Sensors and Sources


Research interests

  • Transducer modeling
  • Training of undergraduate and graduate students in engineering acoustics

David A. Brown, Professor, Dept. Electrical & Comp. Engineering and Adjunct in Physics and Mechanical Engineering at UMass Dartmouth. Prof. Brown obtained his MS and PhD in 1989/91 from the US Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Engineering Acoustics in Depts. of Physics and Electrical Engineering while working on optical fiber interferometric detection of underwater sound. He has more than three-decades of experience in the areas of Optical and Electrical Acoustics including transducer modeling and calibration of underwater sensors and sources. He has more than 200 papers, conference presentations and reports. He has taught specialized courses in fundamentals of acoustics, vibration and sound, underwater acoustics, electroacoustics, nonlinear acoustics, electromagnetics, fiber optics, and medical ultrasonic as faculty at UMass Dartmouth, Brown University, NUWC and the Naval Postgraduate School. Prof. Brown’s main interest is in preparing future scientists and engineers for the field of Acoustic Transduction, which has been identified as a Critical DoD Technology area by the Department of Commerce and DoD. He previously had ten years of experience working as an Acoustical Scientist/Engineer for Navy DoD (NPS and NUWC) as an expert in underwater acoustic transduction so is very aware of practical navy research and operational needs. He has secured funding >$4M which includes support for undergraduate and graduate MS/PhD students in navy related optics and acoustic problems. Dr. Brown was also involved in the founding, development and instrumentation of the university’s unique underwater acoustics/optics test facility (UWTF) and the creation of the ATMC/CIE Center for Advanced Technology and Manufacturing, now Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Dr. Brown was elected Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) in 2013 in recognition for contributions to fiber-optic and piezoelectric transduction science, and leadership in acoustics education, and was a past Associate Editor for Acoustic Transduction, Acoustical Measurements, Instrumentation, and Applied Acoustics. He is a member of the three Technical Specialization Committees on Physical Acoustics, Engineering Acoustics, and Education in Acoustics for the ASA. He is also the President of the regional chapter of the ASA, the Southern New England (Narragansett) Chapter of the ASA society.

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