Geoffrey Cowles

Associate Professor

SMAST / Fisheries Oceanography




School for Marine Science & Technology East, New Bedford 218


1994Cornell UniversityB.S. in Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering
2001Princeton UniversityPh.D in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


  • MNE436/MAR599 Ship Hydrodynamics
  • MAR555 Physical Oceanography
  • MNE490/MAR599 Aerodynamics
  • MAR514: Quantitative Methods for Marine Scientists
  • MAR524: Marine Ecosystem Modeling




Research interests

  • Marine Renewable Energy
  • Ocean Modeling
  • Shape Optimization and Design
  • High Performance Computing
  • Coupled Marine Bio-Physical Models


Research Activities

  • Optimization of Tidal Energy Extraction (NSF, DOE, Sea Grant)
  • Geolocation of Demersal Fish (NOAA)
  • Climate Change impacts on Larval Connectivity and Recruitment of Lobster off Southern New England (NOAA)
  • Ontogeny and Swimming Performance in Larval Fish

Select publications

Cowles, G.W., Hakim, A., Churchill, J. (2017).
A comparison of numerical and analytical predictions of the tidal stream power resource of Massachusetts, USA
Renewable Energy, 114, 215-228.

Liu, C., Cowles, G.W., Zemeckis, D.R., Cadrin, S.X., Dean, M.J. (2017).
Validation of a hidden Markov model for the geolocation of Atlantic cod
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 74, 1862-1877.

Cowles, G.W. (2013).
A block-structured adaptive mesh refinement solver for morphodynamic modeling
Journal of Coastal Research, 29, 727-735.

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