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Assistantships, Scholarships, & Fellowships


Applicants should take an active role in contacting faculty member(s) who could potentially advise them, as well as make an effort to seek funding before applying.

Funding, Fellowships, & Graduate Assistantships

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has several financial programs to assist graduate students with the cost of advanced studies. These programs apply to degree-seeking, matriculated students only. Non-degree students who have not received formal admission to the university, sometimes called "Special Students" at UMass Dartmouth, are generally not eligible to receive financial aid.

External Fellowships and Support

Graduate students at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth who are enrolled in degree programs and are directly supported by a national funding agency (such as the Fulbright Scholar Program or the National Science Foundation) or research funds from another academic institution are usually eligible for a tuition waiver and an adjustment of the curriculum support fee to the in-state level; however, adjustments vary dependent upon the award and students who have secured external support are encouraged to contact the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies to confirm the waiver benefits they would receive if admitted. Final determination of eligibility for a waiver and the amount of the waiver will be made by the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies.

Distinguished Doctoral Fellows

The Distinguished Doctoral Fellows annually receive a $24,000 stipend plus full tuition and Curriculum Support Fee waivers. Their support is guaranteed for 4 years post-bachelors or three years post-master´s degree (subject to enrolling full-time, maintaining a 3.5 GPA, and making satisfactory progress). These awards will be issued only to outstanding applicants.

Nomination process and deadline

First-Year Doctoral Fellows

The First Year Doctoral Fellows receive one year of support that includes a stipend of $16,000 plus a full tuition and Curriculum Support Fee waiver. Like the Distinguished Doctoral Fellowships, these will be awarded only to strong applicants who enroll full-time, maintain a 3.5 GPA, and make satisfactory progress. The goal is for the fellows to have one year to focus on coursework while they seek out a research advisor who can support their remaining studies.

Nomination process

Graduate Research Assistantships

The School for Marine Science & Technology also offers graduate research assistantships and invites applications from qualified students to our master's and doctoral programs to work on research projects. For a list of current offerings, please visit the Graduate Assistantships web page.

NUWC Student Programs

The Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, Rhode Island, offers a suite of research and employment opportunities for students that can be dovetailed with graduate studies at SMAST. 

Undergraduate/Graduate Programs

Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP)

18-27 students at NUWC for 10 weeks in summer
Application deadline mid-January

Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship

Student commits to working at NUWC upon completion of degree – receives a scholarship from DoD

Graduate Programs

National Science Foundation (NNCS) partnership

Student commits to working at NUWC upon completion of degree
Application deadline early June

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship

Summer work at a DoD Lab
Application deadline January

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