Kathryn Kavanagh

Assistant Professor




Science and Engineering 320 D


1998 James Cook University Ph.D in Biology


  • Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
  • Evolutionary Developmental Biology
  • Ecological Developmental Biology

Research interests

  • Cological and evolutionary questions
  • Organ-systems with repeated elements
  • Observing evolutionary and developmental processes in nature

Research activities

  • Developmental bias in the variational properties of phalanges (finger and toe bones) in birds and other vertebrates, with the chick as an experimental model
  • Microevolutionary trade-offs in axial skeletal and muscle growth and development in populations of fishes along latitudinal or temperature gradients

Select publications

Shoval, O., H. Sheftel, G. Shinar, Y. Hart, O. Ramote, A. Mayo, E. Dekel, K. Kavanagh, U. Alon (2012).
Evolutionary Trade-Offs, Pareto Optimality, and the Geometry of Phenotype Space
Science, 336, 1157-1160.

Kavanagh, K.D., A.R. Evans, and J. Jernvall (2007).
Predicting evolutionary patterns of mammalian teeth from development
Nature, 449, 427-432.

Murphy, B.F., J.M. Leis, and K.D. Kavanagh (2007).
Larval development of Pomacentrus amboinensis (Perciformes: Pomacentridae), the Ambon damselfish
Journal of Fish Biology, 71, 569-584.

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