Michael Sherriff

Michael Sheriff, PhD

Assistant Professor


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Science & Engineering 330B


2010University of British ColumbiaPhD


  • Ecology and Evolution
  • Biology of Mammals
  • Field Techniques in Ecology



Introduction to major concepts in the fields of ecology and evolutionary biology. The field of ecology focuses on the study of species interactions, while the field of evolution studies the mechanisms by which species change over time. The course topics central to both fields highlighting conceptual overlap.

Students with senior standing (or others with consent of the instructor) report on and discuss current biological problems as presented in principle journals, abstracts and reviews. The work of each seminar is usually built upon a single unifying content area.

In-depth study of a specific area in biology, leading to independent research addressing a biological question. Research results will be presented in a professional-style poster at a research symposium. Attendance at biology department seminars is also required.


Research Interests

  • Prey Responses to the Risk of Predation
  • Organismal Responses to Environmental Stressors
  • Transgenerational Plasticity/Maternal Stress Effects

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