Jefferson Turner

Chancellor Professor





Violette Research 202


1969Guilford CollegeB.S. in Biology
1974University of South FloridaM.A. in Biology
1977Texas A & M UniversityPh.D in Biology


  • Ocean Environment
  • Descriptive Oceanography
  • Biogeography
  • Biological Oceanography


Research interests

  • Marine plankton
  • Zooplankton feeding
  • Plankton communities of Boston Harbor and adjacent waters
  • Food web accumulation and transport of red tide toxins
  • Interactions between copepod feeding and reproductive success

Research activities

  • Biological and Physical Controls of Toxic Alexandrium Blooms in Shallow Estuarine Systems
  • Harbor Outfall Monitoring 9 (HOM 9) zooplankton monitoring in Boston Harbor, Massachusetts Bay and Cape Cod Bay
  • Long-term plankton and water-quality ecological survey of Buzzards Bay

Select publications

Turner, Jefferson T (2015).
Zooplankton fecal pellets, marine snow, phytodetritus and the ocean’s biological pump
Progress in Oceanography, 130, 205-248.

Turner, J. T. (2014).
Planktonic marine copepods and harmful algae
Harmful Algae, 32, 81-93.

Anderson, D. M., D. J. McGillicuddy, S. L. DeGrasse, K. G. Sellner, V. M. Bricelj, J. T. Turner, D. W. Townsend, & J. L. Kleindinst (Guest Editors) (2014).
Harmful Algae in the Gulf of Maine: Oceanography, Population Dynamics, and Toxin Transfer in the Food Web
Deep-Sea Research II, 103, 1-375.

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