Photograph of Haiping Xu

Haiping Xu, PhD

Professor / Chairperson

Computer & Information Science




Dion 302G


2003University of Illinois at ChicagoPhD in Computer Science
1998Wright State UniversityMS in Computer Science
1989Zhejiang University, ChinaBS in Electrical Engineering





Parallelism and distribution of processing; software bus concept; patterns in software design. The course provides an in-depth discussion of the software systems wit multiple processes and of the relationship between concurrency and distribution of processes. The concept of the software bus, the existing standards, and the issues associated with their implementation are covered.

Theoretical basis of the development of computer science. The course details particular formalisms used in the design of hardware and software systems. Intrinsic limitations of computation are described. Advanced topics of automata theory and analysis of algorithms are included. The course also covers Turing machines, the halting problem, models of computation, intractable computations, polynomial reductions, P vs. NP, parallel algorithms, various formal descriptions and specifications of programs and computations, and proofs of program correctness and interactive proof systems.


Research Interests

  • Electronic Commerce, Internet Security, Web Services
  • Formal Methods, Model-Based Software Development
  • Mobile Agent Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), Intelligent Agents
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Computing, Ubiquitous Computing

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