Gavin Fay

Assistant Professor

SMAST / Fisheries Oceanography



SMAST EAST (836 South Rodney French Blvd, New Bedford)


2000 University of Stirling B.Sc.
2004 University of Washington M.S.
2012 University of Washington Ph.D

Research interests

  • Developing interdisciplinary modeling approaches to extend the scope of applications for fisheries
  • Ecosystem assessment methods
  • Testing the performance of decision support tools for living marine resource management

Research activities

  • Management strategy evaluation to test the performance of ecosystem-based fisheries management strategies in the Northeast US
  • Assessing economic effects of fishing scenarios through ecological-economic model coupling
  • Evaluating ecosystem consequences of ocean acidification

Select publications

Little, L.R., J. Parslow, G. Fay, A.D.M. Smith, R.Q. Grafton, A.E. Punt, and G.N. Tuck (2014).
Environmental derivatives, risk analysis and conservation management
Conservation Letters, 7, 196-207.

Fay, G., S.I. Large, J.S. Link, and R.J. Gamble (2013).
Testing systemic fishing responses with ecosystem indicators
Ecological Modelling, 265, 45-55.

Large, S.I., G. Fay, K. Friedland, and J.S. Link (2013).
Defining trends and thresholds in responses of ecological indicators to fishing and environmental pressures
ICES Journal of Marine Science, 70, 755-767.

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