Gavin Fay


Gavin Fay

Associate Professor

SMAST / Fisheries Oceanography

Fisheries & Ecosystem Management Lab Website



School for Marine Science & Technology East, New Bedford 228


2000University of StirlingB.Sc.
2004University of WashingtonM.S.
2012University of WashingtonPh.D




Research activities

  • Evaluating the performance of ecosystem-based fisheries management strategies
  • Stock assessment statistical methods development
  • Simulation testing of management, monitoring, and assessment procedures
  • Social-ecological ecosystem modeling and indicators for Integrated Ecosystem Assessment
  • Testing decision support tools for living marine resource management


Research awards

  • $ 87,240 awarded by Virginia Institue of Marine Science for Age-length Structured Assessment Modeling for US Atlantic Sea Scallop Using Stock Synthesis
  • $ 34,806 awarded by Nature Conservancy for Supporting the FishPath Implementation and Fisheries Science Capacity Building
  • $ 376,392 awarded by Office of Naval Research for UMassD MUST IV: Applications of Machine Learning to Develop Statistical Emulators for Complex Spatial Marine Ecosystem Models for Improved Management Decision-making
  • $ 159,189 awarded by New England Fishery Management Council for Prototype Management Strategy Evaluation for Georges Bank Ecosystem-Based Fishery
  • $ 286,302 awarded by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for Incorporating Markets into Models: Charting the Pathways to Resilience in New England Seafood Supply Chains

Select publications

  • Fay, G., G. DePiper, S. Steinback, R.J. Gamble, J.S. Link (2019).
    Economic and ecosystem effects of fishing on the Northeast US shelf
    Frontiers in Marine Science, 6:133, doi: 10.3389/fmars.2019.0.
  • Fay, G., J.S. Link, J.A. Hare (2017).
    Assessing the effects of ocean acidification in the Northeast US using an end-to-end marine ecosystem model
    Ecological Modelling, 347, 1-10.
  • Fay, G., J.S. Link, S.I. Large, and R.J. Gamble (2015).
    Management performance of ecological indicators in the Georges Bank finfish fishery
    ICES Journal of Marine Science, 72, 1285-1296.