Jean VanderGheynst, PhD - Dean, College of Engineering


Jean VanderGheynst, PhD she/her


College of Engineering

Curriculum Vitae




Dion 326


1997Cornell UniversityPhD in Agricultural and Biological Engineering
1994Cornell UniversityMS in Agricultural and Biological Engineering
1991Syracuse University BS in Chemical Engineering, with Distinction


Research awards

  • $ 811,936 awarded by MASSACHUSETTS TECHNOLOGY COLLABORATIVE for The Marine and Environmental Testing Laboratory
  • $ 1,498,020 awarded by National Science Foundation for Scholarships to Accelerate Engineering Leadership and Identity in Graduate Students


Research interests

  • Industrial biotechnology for the production of biofuels and bioproducts
  • Management of microbial communities in applications including water treatment, food, and energy production
  • Recruitment, retention, and success of students historically underrepresented in STEM

Select publications

See curriculum vitae for more publications


J.S. VanderGheynst, HB Scher. Storage Stable Compositions of Biological Materials, U.S. Patent 7485451 B2 issued February 3, 2009.

N. Nitin, S. Young; J.S. VanderGheynst. Bioactive Delivery Vehicles. U.S. Patent 2018/0296490 A1 issued Oct. 18, 2018


2019 California Department of Pesticide Regulation, Integrated Pest Management Achievement Award. Awarded for developing and promoting methods for pest management that reduce the risks associated with using traditional chemical pesticides.

2018 Outstanding Senior Faculty Research Award. Awarded by the UC Davis College of Engineering for excellence in research.

2018 HERS Clare Booth Luce Scholarship Award to participate in the 2018 Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) Summer Institute for women’s leadership development.

2016 Woman of the Year Award from Congressman John Garamendi for leadership and dedication to public service.

2016 University of California, Davis Distinguished Postdoctoral Scholar Mentoring Award from the UC Davis Academic Senate in recognition of outstanding commitment to mentoring in the overall success of the university’s postdoctoral scholars.

2015 University of California, Davis MESA Citation awarded by the UC Davis/Sacramento State MESA K-12 school program for leadership, research, and support of mathematics, engineering, and science achievement (MESA) at the elementary level.

2003 Outstanding Mentor Award from the Consortium for Women and Research Advisory Board for mentoring women’s research at UC Davis.