Changsheng Chen

Changsheng Chen

Professor & Montgomery Charter Chair

SMAST / Fisheries Oceanography




School for Marine Science & Technology East, New Bedford 226


1983Ocean University of ChinaM.S. in Meteorology
1989Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyM.S. in Physical Oceanography
1992Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint ProgramPh.D in Physical Oceanography


  • MAR650: Marine Ecosystem Dynamics
  • MAR513: Numerical Methods in Ocean Sciences
  • MAR599: Special Topics-Arctic Ocean Dynamics and Its Roles to Climate Change
  • MAR599: Special-Topic: Ocean Circulation Theory
  • MAR599: Special Topic: Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystem.





Investigations of a fundamental and/or applied nature representing an original contribution to the scholarly research literature of the field. PhD dissertations are often published in refereed journals or presented at major conferences. A written dissertation must be completed in accordance with the rules of the Graduate School and the School for Marine Science and Technology. Admission to the course is based on successful completion of the PhD comprehensive examination and submission of a formal proposal endorsed by the student's graduate committee and submitted to the SMAST Graduate Program Director.


Research activities

  • Multi-scale resolving global-regional-coastal-esturine integrated FVCOM model development
  • Arctic Ocean modeling, the Gulf of Maine/New England ecosystem dynamics
  • Northeast Coastal Ocean Forecast System (NECOFS) development and operations
  • Coastal ocean acidification/ecosystem/water quality
  • FVCOM development and improvement


Research awards

  • $341,854.00 Impacts of Environmental Stressors on Sea Scallop Recruitments over the US Northe
  • $ 254,735.00 NERACOOS: A Responsive Ocean Observing System for the Changing Northeast Region
  • $138,812.00 Projecting Climate-related Shifts in American Lobster Habitat and Connectivity


Research interests

  • Modeling and observational exploration of coastal ocean circulation
  • Oceanic frontal processes
  • Biological and physical interactions
  • Arctic Ocean and Climate Change
  • Multi-scaling ocean model developments

Select publications

  • Chen, C., G. Gao, Y. Zhang, R. C. Beardsley, Z. Lai, J. Qi, H. Lin (2016).
    Circulation in the Arctic Ocean: Results from a high-resolution coupled ice-sea nested Global-FVCOM and Arctic-FVCOM system
    Progress in Oceanography, 141, 60-80.
  • Zhang, Y., C. Chen, R. C. Beardsley, G. Gao, Z. Lai, B. Curry, C. M. Lee, H. Lin, J. Qi, and Q. Xu (2016).
    Studies of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago water transport and its relationship to basin-local forcings: Results from AO-FVCOM
    Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans, 121, doi:10.100.
  • Sun, Y., C. Chen, R. C. Beardsley, D. Ullman, B. Butman, H. Lin (2016).
    Surface circulation in Block Island Sound and adjacent coastal and shelf regions
    Progress in Oceanography, 143, 26-45.

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