Brian Howes

Chancellor Professor

SMAST / Estuarine & Ocean Sciences




School for Marine Science & Technology West, New Bedford 116A


1974Rutgers UniversityB.A.
1980Boston UniversityM.A.
1984Boston UniversityPh.D




Research Activities

  • $12.5 million Massachusetts Estuaries Project
  • $1 million in related research funding in the fields of wetland restoration
  • Enhancement of natural attenuation and benthic animals


Research Awards

  • $36,732 Harwich cold brook natural attenuation project


Research Interests

  • Restoration of estuarine nutrient related habitat quality
  • Restoration of salt marshes through tidal enhancement and through Phragmites removal using natural biogeochemical cycles
  • Groundwater nutrient transport & transformation from uplands to coastal waters
  • Relationship between nutrient loading, algal production, oxygen levels and benthic communities in embayments
  • Long-term impact of sea level rise on community structure of wetland ecosystems

Select publications

Ramsey, J.S., H.E. Ruthven, S.W. Kelley and B.L. Howes (2007).
Quantifying the influence of inlet migration on tidal marsh system health
International Conference on Coastal Engineering, 1-14.

Smith, M.P, B.L. Howes and J. Kimball (2007).
Watershed Planning: Securing our Water Future
Water: Managing a Finite Resource, 9, 121-133.

Hamersley, M.R., and B.L. Howes (2005).
An evaluation of the N2 flux approach for measuring sediment denitrification
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 62, 711-723.

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