Steven Lohrenz

Dean & Professor

SMAST / Administration




School for Marine Science & Technology East, New Bedford 203


1978University of OregonB.A.
1985Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionPh.D




Research Activities

  • PI, “An Integrated Terrestrial-Coastal Ocean Observation and Modeling Framework for Carbon Management Decision Support" (collaborative project with Auburn University, University of Delaware, and North Carolina State University) NASA, $1.2M over three years ($228K to UMass Dartmouth)
  • PI, “Research and Education in Quantitative Fisheries and Ecosystem Science,” NOAA (subaward through the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), $360K over three years
  • PI, " Collaborative Research: A RAPID response to Hurricane Harvey's impacts on coastal carbon cycle, metabolic balance and ocean acidification", (collaborative project with Univ. Delaware, Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium, and Dauphin Island Sea Lab), NSF, $34,232 over one year


Research Interests

  • Biological distributions and productivity
  • Cycling of carbon and nutrients in coastal and ocean waters using ship-based measurements and optical and remotely sensed observations
  • Characterization of land-ocean interactions using coupled ecosystem models to assess impacts of climate and land use change
  • Optical assessment of air-sea carbon fluxes in river-dominated margins
  • Optical detection and assessment of harmful algal blooms

Select publications

Lohrenz, S. E., W.-J. Cai, S. Chakraborty, W.-J. Huang, X. Guo, R. He, Z. Xue, K. Fennel, S. Howden, and H. Tian (2017).
Satellite estimation of coastal pCO2 and air-sea flux of carbon dioxide in the northern Gulf of Mexico
Remote Sensing of Environment, in press

Xue, Z., R. He, K. Fennel, W. J. Cai, S. Lohrenz, W. J. Huang, H. Tian, W. Ren, and Z. Zang (2016).
Modeling pCO2 variability in the Gulf of Mexico
Biogeosciences, 13 (15), 4359-4377.

Chakraborty, S., and S. E. Lohrenz (2015).
Phytoplankton community structure in the river-influenced continental margin of the northern Gulf of Mexico
Marine Ecology Progress Series, 521, 31-47.

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