Steven Lohrenz



SMAST / Estuarine & Ocean Sciences


1978University of OregonB.A.
1985Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionPh.D


  • Satellite Oceanography
  • Phytoplankton Ecology
  • Aquatic Optics




Research activities

  • PI, “An Integrated Terrestrial-Coastal Ocean Observation and Modeling Framework for Carbon Management Decision Support" (collaborative project with Auburn University, University of Delaware, and North Carolina State University) NASA, $1.2M over three years ($228K to UMass Dartmouth)
  • PI, “Research and Education in Quantitative Fisheries and Ecosystem Science,” NOAA (subaward through the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), $360K over three years
  • PI, " Collaborative Research: A RAPID response to Hurricane Harvey's impacts on coastal carbon cycle, metabolic balance and ocean acidification", (collaborative project with Univ. Delaware, Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium, and Dauphin Island Sea Lab), NSF, $34,232 over one year


Research awards

  • $ 47,454 awarded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin for Development of Remote Sensing Water Quality Indices in Inland and Coastal Waters (2022-2023 Sea Grant OMNIBUS)
  • $ 811,936 awarded by MASSACHUSETTS TECHNOLOGY COLLABORATIVE for The Marine and Environmental Testing Laboratory


Research interests

  • Biological distributions and productivity
  • Cycling of carbon and nutrients in coastal and ocean waters using ship-based measurements and optical and remotely sensed observations
  • Characterization of land-ocean interactions using coupled ecosystem models to assess impacts of climate and land use change
  • Optical assessment of air-sea carbon fluxes in river-dominated margins
  • Optical detection and assessment of harmful algal blooms

Select publications

  • Tian, H., R. Xu, S. Pan, Y. Yao, Z. Bian, W.-J. Cai, C. S. Hopkinson, D. Justic, S. Lohrenz, C. Lu, W. Ren, and J. Yang (2020).
    Long-Term Trajectory of Nitrogen Loading and Delivery From Mississippi River Basin to the Gulf of Mexico
    Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 34(5), abstract.
  • Fennel, K., S. Alin, L. Barbero, W. Evans, T. Bourgeois, S. Cooley, J. Dunne, R. A. Feely, J. M. Hernandez-Ayon, X. Hu, S. Lohrenz, F. Muller-Karger, R. Najjar, L. Robbins, E. Shadwick, S. Siedlecki, N. Steiner, A. Sutton, D. Turk, P. Vlahos, and Z. A. Wang (2019).
    Carbon cycling in the North American coastal ocean: a synthesis
    Biogeosciences, 16(6), abstract.
  • Lohrenz, S. E., W. J. Cai, S. Chakraborty, W. J. Huang, X. Guo, R. He, Z. Xue, K. Fennel, S. Howden, and H. Tia (2018).
    Satellite estimation of coastal pCO2 and air-sea flux of carbon dioxide in the northern Gulf of Mexico
    Remote Sensing of Environment, 207, 71-83.

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