Mark Altabet


Mark Altabet

Professor / Chairperson

SMAST / Estuarine & Ocean Sciences

Isotope Biogeochemistry Group Website




School for Marine Science & Technology West, New Bedford 122A


1984Harvard UniversityPh.D
1979State University of New York at Stony BrookBS




Research activities

  • Nitrogen isotope and N2/Ar biogeochemistry of the Peru suboxic zone, NSF, $412,000, Feb 01 2009 to Jan 30 2013
  • Collaborative Research: The role of regenerated nitrogen for rocky shore productivity, NSF, $183,381, Sept 01 2009 to August 31 2013
  • Collaborative Research: High resolution paleoceanography in the heart of the Equatorial Pacific Cold Tongue, NSF, $170,000 over 3years
  • Collaborative Research: Microbial associations in zooplankton: significance for the marine nitrogen cycle, NSF, $616,980 over 3 years ($150,000 supports M. Altabet’s component of this project), August 01 2011 to July 31 2014
  • Collaborative Research: Autonomous Lagrangian Floats for Oxygen Minimum Zone Biogeochemistry, NSF, $349,607 over 3 years


Research awards

  • $ 336,586 awarded by National Science Foundation for Collaborative Research: Deciphering the Mechanisms of Marine Nitrous Oxide Cycling Using Stable Isotopes, Molecular Markers and In Situ Rates
  • $ 438,331 awarded by National Science Foundation for Collaborative Research: Phylogenetic and Physiological Characterization of Amino Acid Nitrogen Isotopes in Phytoplankton
  • $ 1,336,152 awarded by Office of Naval Research for UMassD MUST III: Sub-Mesoscale and Mesoscale Interactions STudy (SubMIST)
  • $ 1,043,876 awarded by Office of Naval Research for UMassD MUST II: Regional Ocean Turbulence from Long-Duration, Autonomous Observations


Research interests

  • Major marine biogeochemical cycles
  • Global N cycle and its interactions with climate change
  • Atmospheric CO2 concentration
  • Coastal eutrophication

Select publications

  • Bryant Mason, A., Y. J. Xu, and M.A. Altabet (2013).
    Water Resources Research
    Limited capacity of river corridor wetlands to remove nitrate - A case study on the Atchafalaya River Basin during the 2011 Mississippi River Flooding, 49
  • Montes, E., M. A. Altabet, F. Muller-Karger, M. I. Scranton, R. Thunell, Cl. Benitez-Nelson, L. Lorenzoni, Y. Astor (2013).
    Biogenic nitrogen gas production at the oxic-anoxic interface in the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela, 10, 267-279.
  • Altabet, M.A., E. Ryabenko, L. Stramma, D. Wallace, M. Frank, P. Grasse, and G. Lavik (2012).
    An eddystimulated hotspot for fixed nitrogen-loss from the Peru Oxygen Minimum Zone, 9, 4897-4908.