Sarah Donelan


Sarah Donelan, PhD she/her

Assistant Professor





Science & Engineering 336A


Northeastern UniversityPhD
Wesleyan UniversityBA





The principles and practices of the scientific discipline of ecology. Interactions among organisms and between organisms and their environment will be emphasized. Interactions will be described and analyzed at the organismal, population, community, and ecosystem levels. In the laboratory, students will use hypothesis-testing and experimentation to examine theoretical and empirical aspects of ecology.

In-depth study of a specific area in biology, leading to independent research addressing a biological question. Research results will be presented in a professional-style poster at a research symposium. Attendance at biology department seminars is also required.

Introduction to study in the disciplines of the College of Arts and Sciences. This course is designed to increase student success at college. The overall goal of the course is to facilitate a smooth transition to college life by engaging students in a structured curriculum of academic and life skills enhancement while, at the same time, encouraging the development of enduring relationships between students, faculty and advisors, and classmates. To accomplish this goal, the content of the class includes: locating and utilizing campus resources, the importance of co-curricular activity on campus, goal setting and time management skills, writing skills, test preparation and taking skills, critical and creative thinking skills, and career and major/minor exploration.


Research awards

  • $ 304,351 awarded by National Science Foundation for Participant Support-Collaborative Research: ORCC: Carryover Effects of Multiple Climate Change Stress


Research interests

  • Transgenerational plasticity
  • Carryover effects
  • Marine ecology
  • Climate change
  • Predation risk

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