Pingguo He

Associate Professor

SMAST / Fisheries Oceanography




SMAST WEST (706 South Rodney French Blvd, New Bedford) 112 A


1982 Zhejiang Ocean University B.E.
1987 University of Aberdeen Scotland Ph.D

Research interests

  • Fish behavior and fishing gear
  • Sustainable utilization of fisheries resource of the northeastern U.S. and beyond
  • Use of flume tank modeling techniques, computer simulations, sea trials, underwater video observations, and statistical methods to understand fish behavior near fishing gears
  • Application of fish behavioral knowledge to fishing gear designs and operations to reduce bycatch, discards, megafauna interactions, and impact of fishing on the seabed

Research activities

  • Testing a haddock trawl to reduce cod bycatch
  • Designing a shrimp trawl grid to reduce bycatch of small fish and small shrimps
  • Designing/testing a squid trawl to reduce butterfish bycatch in southern New England
  • Testing a whiting trawl to reduce flounder bycatch in Maine

Select publications

He, P., and V. Balzano (2012).
The effect of grid spacing on size selectivity of shrimps in a pink shrimp trawl with a dual-grid size sorting system
Fisheries Research, 121-122, 81-97.

Videler, J.J., and P. He (2010).
Swimming in Marine Fishes
Behavior of Marine Fishes: Capture Processes and Conservation Challenges, 1, 5-24.

He, P., and M. Pol
Fish Behavior near Gillnets: Capture Processes and Influencing Factors
Behavior of Marine Fishes: Capture Processes and Conservation Challenges, 8, 183-204.

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