Pingguo He


SMAST / Fisheries Oceanography




School for Marine Science & Technology East, New Bedford 127


1982Zhejiang Ocean UniversityB.Eng.
1987University of Aberdeen ScotlandPhD


  • Fish Behavior and Conservation Engineering
  • Conservation in World Marine Capture Fisheries


Research interests

  • Sustainable fisheries
  • Fish behavior near fishing gear
  • Environmentally friendly fishing gear design
  • Evaluating and reducing fishing impact

Research activities

  • Reducing bycatch and discards in New England Multispecies trawl fishery
  • Reducing bycatch in scallop fishery
  • Improving utilization of healthy fish stocks

Select publications

He, P. (2010).
Behavior of Marine Fishes: Capture Process and Conservation Challenges

O’Connell, C. P., S.Y. Hyun, S.H. Gruber, and P. He (2015).
Effects of barium-ferrite permanent magnets on great hammerhead shark Sphyrna mokarran behavior and implications for future conservation technologies
Endangered Species Research, 26, 243-256.

He, P., C. Rillahan and V. Balzano (2015).
Reduced Herding of Flounders by Floating Bridles: Application in Gulf of Maine Northern Shrimp Trawls to Reduce Bycatch
ICES Journal of Marine Sciences, 72, 1514-1524.

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