Pingguo He


Pingguo He

Professor / Chairperson

SMAST / Fisheries Oceanography





School for Marine Science & Technology East, New Bedford 127


1982Zhejiang Ocean UniversityB.Eng.
1987University of Aberdeen ScotlandPhD


  • Fish Behavior and Conservation Engineering
  • Conservation in World Marine Capture Fisheries





Experiential learning in conjunction with an external industrial or governmental professional or faculty member. A detailed project proposal should be prepared by the student for departmental approval prior to the start of the project. Upon completion, student must submit a report on the experience and make a short presentation to his/her graduate committee. This course may be used to satisfy one 1-credit graduate technical elective course. 

Thesis research on an experimental or theoretical project in Marine Science or Technology under a faculty advisor.

Conservation challenges in world marine capture fisheries. This course reviews and discusses conservation challenges and mitigation measures related to management and sustainable utilization of world¿s fisheries resources. The course will be taught with global and local perspectives, and will include the following topics: history of world marine capture fisheries, status of and landing from world marine fisheries, bycatch, discard and fishing-related mortality, ecosystem effect of fishing including plastic pollution from fisheries and ghostfishing of lost gears, effect on the seabed, bycatch and mortality of marine mammals, seabirds, sea turtles and other charismatic species, fuel consumption in capture fisheries

Investigations of a fundamental and/or applied nature representing an original contribution to the scholarly research literature of the field. PhD dissertations are often published in refereed journals or presented at major conferences. A written dissertation must be completed in accordance with the rules of the Graduate School and the School for Marine Science and Technology. Admission to the course is based on successful completion of the PhD comprehensive examination and submission of a formal proposal endorsed by the student's graduate committee and submitted to the SMAST Graduate Program Director.


Research activities

  • Reducing bycatch and discards in New England Multispecies trawl fishery
  • Reducing bycatch in scallop fishery
  • Improving utilization of healthy fish stocks


Research awards

  • $ 358,666 awarded by Revolution Wind, LLC for Pre-construction: Trawl Fisheries Monitoring Services for the REV01 Wind Farm
  • $ 358,666 awarded by Sunrise Wind, LLC for Pre-Construction: Trawl Fisheries Monitoring Services for the SRW01 Wind Farm
  • $ 1,213,246 awarded by Vineyard Offshore for VW: 501N 2023
  • $ 396,311 awarded by Bureau of Ocean Energy Management for Exploring the Connectivity Among Offshore Wind Turbines
  • $ 207,695 awarded by National Fish And Wildlife Foundation | AIS, INC for Integrating an Intelligent Discard Chute into New England Groundfish Electronic Monitoring (MA)


Research interests

  • Sustainable fisheries
  • Fish behavior near fishing gear
  • Environmentally friendly fishing gear design
  • Evaluating and reducing fishing impact

Select publications

  • He, P. (2010).
    Behavior of Marine Fishes: Capture Process and Conservation Challenges
  • O’Connell, C. P., S.Y. Hyun, S.H. Gruber, and P. He (2015).
    Effects of barium-ferrite permanent magnets on great hammerhead shark Sphyrna mokarran behavior and implications for future conservation technologies
    Endangered Species Research, 26, 243-256.
  • He, P., C. Rillahan and V. Balzano (2015).
    Reduced Herding of Flounders by Floating Bridles: Application in Gulf of Maine Northern Shrimp Trawls to Reduce Bycatch
    ICES Journal of Marine Sciences, 72, 1514-1524.

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