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Department of Physics

Physics: laying the groundwork for tomorrow's innovations

What do oceans, black holes, atoms, computers, and traffic jams have in common? Physics.

Physics is the most fundamental and all-inclusive of the sciences. Physicists probe the far reaches of space and the depths of the ocean; investigate the structure of the atom; design and program computers; solve environmental problems; and develop new manufacturing materials. Research in physics has paved the way for technological innovations such as the Internet, cell phones, lasers, fuel cells, diagnostic techniques in medicine, and solid-state electronics. Physicists lead some of the world's major technology companies.

Academic programs

Students who study physics may be interested in pursuing advanced degrees such as UMassD's PhD in Engineering & Applied Science.

Department News

Adjunct faculty Collin Capano portrait
College of Engineering adjunct faculty finds new evidence for ringing black holes

A study led by Collin Capano, adjunct faculty in the Department of Physics, has been published in Physical Review Letters.

Black Hole rendering
Professor finds breakthrough in black hole research

Physics Professor Gaurav Khanna and his team continue to unravel the universe

Kip Thorne
UMass Dartmouth faculty offer virtual discussion with Nobel Prize winner Kip Thorne

On December 2, UMassD faculty invite members of the public to explore the universe with famed Theoretical Physicist

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