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Program Objectives

M.S. Physics Tracks

Track A) M.S. Physics with Thesis
Track B) M.S. Physics with Research Project
Track C) M.S. Physics with Coursework and Comprehensive Exam

M.S. Physics Graduate Learning Outcomes

  1. Graduates should have advanced knowledge of both classical and modern Physics (all tracks)
  2. Graduates are able to individually solve advanced problems in theoretical and/or experimental physics (all tracks)
  3. Graduates can apply advanced computational and mathematical methodologies and technologies when solving problems (all tracks)
  4. Graduates are able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing on advanced topics in physics (all tracks)
  5. Graduates are able to conduct research on topics in physics and related fields (tracks A and B)
  6. Graduates are effective self-learners and continue to acquire knowledge of new trends and technologies in their field (tracks A and B)
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