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Physics Minor‌

In the course of their studies, many UMass Dartmouth students acquire a background in basic physics and mathematics, which enables them to take upper division, physics courses. A number of these students may elect to extend their study of physics into more advanced areas. A major goal of our two physics minors is to provide encouragement and formal recognition for these students.

The Physics Minor has the additional goal of establishing the physics background needed to enter interdisciplinary fields which have a significant physics content. This would be particularly useful for students majoring in fields such as chemistry, mathematics, engineering, and computer science. Students considering a career in fields such as biophysics or medical physics would benefit from a minor in physics.

Students who wish to enter the program must obtain approval of the Physics Department chairperson, preferably before enrolling in upper-division courses. Students declaring a Physics minor must meet the university requirements of cumulative grade point averages and total number of credits. In addition, the Physics Department requires that the cumulative grade point average in physics courses submitted for recognition of completion of a minor in physics be 2.0 or above.

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