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Students watching one of Amit Tandon's demonstrations using the rotating fluids table.

Our faculty members are involved in many exciting and innovative areas of research:

AMO Computational Physics

Theoretical study of atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics such as the electronic and optical properties of atoms and quantum dots and their interactions with charged particles, photons, and laser pulses.


Theoretical Physics

Theoretical physics including AMO physics, astrophysics, gravitational waves and general relativity, gauge theory, string theory, and foundational quantum theory.


Experimental Nuclear Physics

Special emphasis on few-body photonuclear physics and pion photoproduction.

Faculty: Grant O'Rielly

Ocean Physics

Satellite-derived data to study interactions concerning the relationship between ocean circulation and plankton; numerical ocean models to study ocean circulation; analytical and numerical methods to study upper-ocean conditions and circulation.


Computational Physics and Astrophysics

Integration of computation in the physics curriculum through investigation of physical systems with state-of-the-art methods in computational physics and visualization of giant molecular clouds, star formation, supernovae, gravitational waves, black holes, and loop quantum gravity, among other topics.


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