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Telescope and inside of campus observatory

Students and faculty using the 16" Meade telescope at the UMassD Observatory.

Equipment & facilities

The Physics Department has a wide array of facilities and equipment, including computer work stations, optics lab, lasers, and a fully equipped observatory. Students also have the opportunity to accompany faculty members who are conducting research at national science facilities.


The department offers students the use of a state-of-the art 16" Meade computer-controlled telescope—the largest computerized telescope in southeastern Massachusetts.


  • Introductory Physics Laboratory featuring Vernier Equipment
  • Advanced Physics Laboratory for Electronics and Modern Physics
  • Computational Physics Laboratory
  • Optics Laboratory featuring ThorLabs - Quantum Optics Kit, Quantum Cryptography Kit, Quantum Eraser Demonstration, Bomb Tester Demonstration, Spectrometer Kit, and Michelson Interferometer Kit
  • HPC resources shared with CSCDR
HPC Cluster in Data Ceter taken on 2018

High Performance Computing Cluster in the UMass Dartmouth Data Center.

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