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The Physics Department packs the powerhouse of a national research university within a friendly setting, with advantages such as:

  • small class sizes
  • faculty members who are dedicated to both teaching & research
  • opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research, even as an undergraduate

Outstanding education

The department offers a top-notch physics education from outstanding instructors who are also research leaders in their fields. You will be able to take courses in all of the major disciplines in physics, including:

  • classical and quantum mechanics
  • electricity and magnetism
  • electronics, statistical and condensed-matter physics
  • astronomy and astrophysics
  • environmental physics and earth science
  • physics of music, and courses dealing with the impact of science on society
  • physics of black holes and string theory

Cutting-edge research

You will discover amazing opportunities to work with faculty on research in:

  • astrophysics
  • atomic and nuclear physics
  • computational physics
  • oceanography
  • theoretical physics
  • traffic engineering

In addition, you will have the opportunity to branch out, study, and participate in research in areas such as computer science, acoustics, and electro-optics with faculty in closely-related departments.

Career preparation for STEM fields

Whether you wish to pursue a career in industry, education, or research, the physics training you will receive at UMass Dartmouth offers an excellent preparation,  including critical problem-solving and applied computational skills essential to any science, technology, engineering, or mathematics discipline. Each year, we place our graduating seniors in some of the top physics PhD programs in the country. Our alumni include leaders of major industrial firms, well-respected research scientists, and outstanding educators.

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