Diego Bernal

Associate Professor





Violette Research 116


1995 Universidad Autonoma de Baja California B.S. in Biology
2000 University of California San Diego M.S. in Biology
2002 University of California San Diego Ph.D in Biology


  • Animal Biology
  • Biology of organisms
  • Animal physiology
  • Biology of sharks
  • Environmental physiology of marine organisms

Research interests

  • Fish biology
  • Comparative physiology of fishes
  • Comparison of the morphological, physiological, and biochemical specializations of high-performance fishes
  • Fish response to angling-induced stress
  • Disruption to homeostasis in fish

Research activities

  • Muscle performance studies in thresher sharks
  • Stress response in captured sharks
  • Pelagic fish cardiac performance
  • Thermal ecology of swordfish
  • Movement patterns of rooster fish

Select publications

Donley, J.M, Sepulveda, C.A., Aalbers, S.A., McGillivray, D.G., Syme, D.A. & Bernal, D. (2012).
Fish Biochemistry and Physiology
Temperature effects on the contractile properties of locomotor muscle in the common thresher shark (Alopias vulpinus)

Marshall, H., Field, L., Afiadata, A., Sepulveda, C., Skomal, G. & Bernal, D. (2012).
Haematological indicators of stress in longline-captured sharks Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology

Patterson, J., Sepulveda, C. and Bernal, D. (2011).
The vascular morphology and in vivo muscle temperatures of thresher sharks (Alopiidae)
Journal of Morphology, 272, 1353-1364.

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