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Women in STEM

Driven to succeed

UMassD alumnae & scholars discuss how they are making an impact in our community, our region, our world.

Motivated by more

Aspiring, innovative, & curious-minded women of UMassD share their stories.

  • Carissa Keung ’22: Committed to service
  • Isabella Di Bona '22: Engineered for success
  • Elizabeth Blom '23: Choosing to double major
  • Neeharika Verma '22: Studying at SMAST
  • Breana Thibodeaux '22: Real-world experience
  • Rylee Gant '22: Finding her niche
  • Stephanie DeCarvalho: Benefiting from mentorship
  • Saheedat Bello '22: Student leader & mentor
  • Charlemya Erasme B.S. '18, M.S. '20: Asking Questions
  • Physics major to present at Council on Undergraduate Research event
  • Raena Gaston ’25: The art of communication
  • Abigail Keith '20: Electrical engineer 2 at Raytheon
  • Taylor Walsh '21: Optimism leads to success
  • Sarah Dulac '21: The value of role models
  • Aubrey Church ’22: Choosing the PSM program
  • Cassie Canastra '20: Why she chose the PSM degree
  • Lauren Underwood '13 shares her key to success
  • Commencement Spotlight: Alana McGraw '21
  • Hailey Roy ’19 to apply clinical experience gained in Medical Laboratory Science program in optometry school this fall
  • Cachelle Johnson-Lewis '21 joins Dell EMC
  • Melanie Luperon '21: Gaining real-world experience
  • Larain Taylor ’21: An entrepreneurial mind
  • Brianna Johnson '21: Embracing opportunities
  • Brooke Lowman '21: The value of studying at SMAST
  • Micheline Labrie '21: Protecting the ocean

STEM Events

From seminars to symposiums, view UMassD events that focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.