SSO: Single sign-on

In an effort to further improve security and reduce logins, UMass Dartmouth is implementing a campus-based single sign-on system similar to the system already in place for HR Direct, PeopleSoft Finance, and COIN.

What is single sign-on?

Single sign-on (SSO) allows you to login with your UMassD logon and access multiple systems within a single browser session. Using this authentication process, once you successfully authenticate, you will not be prompted to login again during that browser session.

Tips to protect your account and personal information

  • Logout of the system
  • Always close your browser

This will ensure a secure and complete logout of your SSO.  Remember: closing browser tabs or windows does not end your web session—systems could be accessible without re-entering a username or password.

Although logging in through SSO is secure, with the added access through a single login, it is extremely important to protect your password.

Benefits of SSO

  • Reduces the number of required logins
  • Reminds you when a password is about to expire
  • Paves the way for the UMassD web portal
  • Provides enhanced security within all campus-based SSO applications

Systems that currently participate in campus-based SSO

  • Tririga Work Order System
  • Wikis
  • Blogs
  • Parking
  • Office 365

Systems that currently participate in UMass system-wide SSO

  • HR Direct
  • PeopleSoft Finance
  • COIN