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Terms and Conditions

Housing handbook

The housing handbook is intended to help answer questions about life on campus and to serve as a general collection of guidelines relating to residential living.

2023-2024 Housing Handbook (PDF)

Community Standards

The Office of Community Standards is responsible for overseeing the development, distribution, and enforcement of university student conduct regulations.

Community Standards

Terms and conditions

This file contains general rules and regulations pertaining to on-campus residence for the 2023-2024 school year.

2023-24 Housing Terms & Conditions (PDF)

2024-2025 Housing and Dining Terms & Conditions (PDF)

Checking in

Please note: in order to check into campus housing, occupants of residence halls must be:

  1. Full-time registered UMass Dartmouth students. Less than full-time students must seek an exception from the Director of Housing and Residential Education to be assigned or remain in University Housing.
  2. Cleared through Health Services requirements.
  3. Cleared financially through the Student Service Center on campus. For Fall semester, this means the student:
    1. Has paid the entire Fall balance in full, OR
    2. Has confirmed financial aid to cover the entire Fall bill, OR
    3. For any portion not covered by financial aid, has a payment plan set up and the first payment complete.

PLEASE NOTE: Any students who have a balance due from a previous semester will need to pay this balance in full in addition to the above financial requirement for the Fall semester.

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