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Agreement Release and Appeal

A housing/dining agreement is binding and enforceable for the entire academic year (both Fall and Spring semesters). This agreement will remain in force for the duration of residency and includes financial responsibility for the entire agreement period. The agreement remains binding after the Fall semester unless the student is on an approved leave or official withdrawal from the University. Failure to pick up a key(s) and/or check-in does not release a student from the agreement.

Per the contract Terms and Conditions, the University commits to the student a residence hall space and denies other students on-campus housing based upon the signed agreement.

Students wishing to: 

  • Request a Housing/Dining Agreement Release
  • Appeal Administrative Billing (damages, Intersession housing, improper check-out, key/lock replacement)
  • Appeal Full Time Student Status

should do as follows:

  1. Read Housing and Dining Terms and Conditions. This describes criteria that are considered for a release from their agreement.
  2. Log onto the Student Housing Info Portal (StarRez) and complete the appropriate form, based on their individual situation. (Agreement Release Request, less than full time form, or damage appeal form)

Students who request agreement termination must submit their request and required documentation online through the Student Housing Info Portal (StarRez). Termination is not guaranteed. Please review the full Terms and Conditions for more information on this process.

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