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Open Housing Agreement

We have had some questions from folks about how to live with someone who may not identify in our system as the same sex/gender, which are coded on the binary. For this option, we use the terms “co-ed/open housing.” Unfortunately, our technology systems have limitations in place, so while it is possible to assign folks in this manner, this is a manual process. If this is the configuration you’re hoping to set up for next year, please be sure you complete the Open Housing form and include the information for all individuals who you’d like to see in your space. (Note that this form is only necessary if you and your desired room/apartment-mates do not all reflect the same sex/gender in the housing system.)  

To complete the Open Housing process:

All individuals in your group need to have completed the application by the deadline (March 22nd) and have been assigned a room selection ranking number (lottery number).   

  1. All members of a group selecting into the Woodland Apartments MUST have a lottery number of 1800 or lower.
  2. Numbers over 1800 cannot be assigned or pulled into the Woodlands, but CAN do this process to fill a double room in Pine Dale Hall (2 people) or a suite in Oak Glen Hall (8 people total). 

Second, you need to fill the unit (room/apartment, depending what building). We are unable to accommodate a request for open housing that does not fully fill the apartment/suite, and we are unable to randomly assign a person to fill an empty space in your plan.  

  1. If you are planning for a two-person apartment, two of you, each with a ranking number 1800 or lower. Please note the availability of 2-bedroom apartments is SMALL, and we encourage you to plan for a 4-bedroom space if possible. 
  2. If you are planning for a four-person apartment, you need four people all with ranking numbers 1800 or lower.   
  3. If you are looking to fill a double room in Pine Dale, you need 2 people, each with a ranking number assigned. 
  4. If you are looking to fill a suite in Oak Glen Hall, you need 8 people, each with a ranking number assigned. 

Once your plan is in place using these checkpoints, complete THIS FORM. This form MUST be completed no later than 5pm the day before your assigned selection timeslot. We’ll do our best to get you booked. If it can't happen, we'll let the Designated Contact for the group know by email (you will identify who this is in the form).  

Please plan for the possibility that your first choice in Open Housing may not be available. Please plan for the possibility that no Open Housing spaces will be available. If no spaces in Open Housing are available, it is the responsibility of the group’s Designated Contact Person to notify the other mates of the lack of availability. This will allow all parties to make a regular room selection during their respective room selection times.

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