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Class registration

Class Registration

If you have a question or concern not addressed here, please contact the Student Service Center. For registration dates this year, see Registrar Course Registration.

Did You Know…

We have a video for that!  The University offers a series of short, informative videos to help you navigate the various steps for enrollment, viewing holds, contacting your advisor, viewing your bill, etc.

Check out these videos. The myUMassD portal also has helpful information in COIN For Students Help.

Did You Know…

Not all COIN holds prevent you from registering for courses!

There are a few specific holds that block you from registering. If you plan ahead, you can resolve them before your registration appointment. 

These are the most common holds you need to address before you can register for courses:

  • ADV – Advising Hold – Make an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss your academic goals and remove this hold. You can find information about your academic advisor in your COIN account.
  • EMC – Emergency Contact Verification hold – You can remove this one yourself by going into your COIN account and verifying your information (there is an instruction sheet to help you and also a video explaining how to do it).
  • IMM – Immunization hold – Upload your updated vaccination records to the health portal to remove this hold. If there is a vaccination you are missing, or if you have any questions, call Health Services (508.999.8982).
  • RBD, PBD, GBD – Balance Due holds – Contact the Student Service Center to discuss payment and payment plans.

IMPORTANT: None of these holds prevent you from meeting with your advisor or putting courses in your shopping cart!  Courses in your shopping cart do not mean you are enrolled but taking this step will make it easier to enroll once any holds that prevent registration are removed.

Did You Know…

Your bill is not due as soon as you register.  When you register for the Fall semester, charges are added to your account in July, but payment is not due until August. When you register for the Spring semester, payment is not due until February. When you register for summer session(s), the payment is due 30 days after registration. You will receive an email notification monthly to advise you to review your student account and make payment for any balance due. 

Payments are processed online through COIN.  There are three easy and fast options:

  • E-check - fast and free
  • Credit Card - 2.5% fee
  • International Payment transfer - fees vary

Not able to make your payment online? The Student Service Center will accept cash or check payment.  Avoid late fees!  A student who fails to make satisfactory arrangements for payment will have a registration or degree hold imposed and a late fee of $50 will be charged to the student account.

Did You Know…

UMass Dartmouth has payment plans!  Students have the option to enroll in a monthly payment plan which allows students and families to pay the term bill in monthly installments, interest-free. The UMassD Monthly Payment Plan offers up to five payments per term, due August–December and January–May. There is an enrollment fee of $35 per term and you must re-enroll in the plan each term. If you are on a payment plan and have a RBD/GBD hold, contact the Student Service Center for options.  The payment plan is a good way to spread out payments and avoid late fees. 

Did You Know…

We can help!

Financial or Billing Questions – contact the Student Service Center (SSC) or visit the 1st Floor of Foster Admin Building. The SSC is open Monday –Thursday 8-5pm and Friday 9-5pm.

Academic Questions - Contact your academic advisor (listed in COIN), your major’s department main office, or contact your college’s professional advising center:

Students will be notified of their registration dates by the Registrar via UMass Dartmouth email: in October, to register for spring courses and in March, to register for fall courses.

Note: Online Home offers courses in the fall, winter, spring, and summer. Early registration is recommended.

Students can review the course offerings for the upcoming semester and decide what classes they would like to take. Be sure to note the class numbers, as you'll need them for registration in COIN. Access COIN through myUMassD.

Students register for classes in COIN, UMass Dartmouth's student information system, located in the myUMassD portal.

Before registering, each student must meet with his or her academic advisor to review course selections and for the advisor to lift the academic advising hold on the COIN account. A student will not be able to register for classes until this hold is lifted.

Be sure to note the class numbers in the course listings for the classes you want to take. Then:

  1. Log in to the myUMassD portal
  2. Select COIN from the Launch Pad
  3. Log in to COIN and click on Academics
  4. Select add/drop/swap a class
  5. Select the upcoming term
  6. Select add classes
  7. Enter your class numbers; Once they have been entered, click on submit.

COIN should indicate why a student may have trouble registering for a class. If you need any additional help, please visit the IT Student Help Desk for one-on-one assistance.

The most common hold on the COIN account is the "academic advising hold" discussed above under "How do I register?" Students with other holds on their COIN accounts must resolve any reason for the holds and request to have them lifted prior to registration. Students who have holds on their accounts will not be able to register.

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