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How to pay your bill

Information about how to pay your bill

Your student account includes charges (such as tuition and fees, on-campus housing and dining plans) and credits (such as scholarships, loans, and family payments). UMassD will send you an email notification on a monthly basis to advise you to review your student account balance and make payment for the balance due. Payment is due 30 days after charges are assessed. If you need a printed invoice, you can print an on-demand statement at any time.

Authorized Users (parents, guardians, or other trusted third parties) must be designated by the student before anyone other than the student can have access to view and pay the statement. Due to FERPA privacy laws, UMassD can only discuss your account with individuals you designated on the FERPA Authorization Form.

The UMassD Monthly Payment Plan

If you would like to pay your account in installments throughout the semester rather than in one lump sum, you can sign up for the UMassD Monthly Payment Plan. Fall payments are due August 10 through December 10 and spring payments are due January 10 through May 10. Payment plans are only available by term. The payment plan fee is $35 per term.

Students and Authorized Users can sign up for the payment plan directly in COIN. Once enrolled, the payment plan automatically self-adjusts to ensure the full balance due is covered. The plan will continue to self-adjust throughout the term as additional charges and credits are posted. Payments are made through automated credit card or e-check deductions.

Fall & spring term charges: due as billed

The fall term charges will be assessed in July. Students and Authorized Users are sent an email reminder monthly to log into COIN to review charges and make payment for any balance due. The first spring e-bill reminder will be generated in January. 

Most term charges, such as tuition, college fees, mandatory fees, student health insurance, and, if appropriate, room and board charges, are posted at the beginning of each term.

If you are receiving financial aid that includes scholarships, grants, and student loans, please be advised that aid will disburse evenly between all terms in an academic year. The academic year is two semesters, fall and spring.

You will receive an email notification when it is time to view and pay your balance. Failure to remit payment can result in the assessment of a late fee and a hold that prevents future registration, the loss of University services, and the ability to obtain an official transcript. Payments are due on or before the 1st of the following month, unless other arrangements are made, such as the UMassD Monthly Payment Plan. You can pay securely online through COIN.

For more detailed information, see the instructions below.

Next steps

Early July: Share information with your parent(s) or a trusted third party. Designate the individual(s) you want to have access to your student account as official Authorized Users. Also, complete the FERPA Authorization form so that our office and other offices on campus can speak to those you have designated and share specific account balance information.  

Familiarize yourself with COIN for Student. Check your UMassD email account for information about your fall balance and log in to COIN for Student to review your student account balance and make a payment. Learn more: Understanding your bill

Review financial aid requirements. If you anticipate financial aid (grants, scholarships, loans, etc.) to cover all or part of your balance, please be sure to confirm that all financial aid requirements have been met by checking your To Do items in COIN. If you are borrowing loan(s), be sure to complete all loan requirements.

Review health insurance information and complete any necessary waivers by the due date. If you do not need the health insurance plan because you have appropriate private coverage, you must submit a waiver by 10/13/20. Be sure to waive the insurance if your intention is NOT to have any coverage from the UMassD health insurance plan. Students with appropriate coverage who do not waive coverage by the waiver date, will be charged for insurance.

August: Submit your payment. Pay your fall balance online in COIN or consider signing up for the UMassD Monthly Payment Plan. Payments processed through COIN include e-check, credit card and international payment transfer. 

August: Sign up for direct deposit in COIN.  If your student account is overpaid (i.e., you borrowed a loan to help with living expenses), you may be eligible to receive a refund. Credit balance refunds are processed via direct deposit into your checking or savings account. Learn more: Student refunds

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