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Payment Plan

UMassD Monthly Payment Plan

We offer a monthly payment plan which allows students and families the option to pay the term bill in monthly installments, interest free. 

The UMassD Monthly Payment Plan offers a maximum of five payments per term, due August–December and January–May.

Students and Authorized Users enroll online through COIN. Students must set up a parent, spouse, or other trusted third party as an Authorized User to allow them to view the student account, enroll in a payment plan, or make payments.

The payment plan automatically self-calculates throughout the term, ensuring that your balance is paid in full and on time. An email is sent every month to the payment plan designee (the person who created the payment plan) in the event the payment amount is changing. It is very important that you review your email often.  

Payments are made through credit card or checking account auto-debit. The student and Authorized User will receive reminders before each monthly installment is processed. In the event a payment is missed, the payment plan will recalculate and the remaining monthly installments will be increased to ensure the balance is paid in full and on schedule. 

There is an enrollment fee of $35 per term and you must re-enroll each term.

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