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Sponsor Billing

If an outside agency has agreed to pay all or part of your tuition and fees, you will need to submit documentation before the payment deadline. Instructions on how to submit documentation can be found below.

Documents are accepted through October 1 for the fall term and March 1 for the spring term.

If you are a student

Students must submit the Student Acknowledgment Form (PDF) in order for UMass Dartmouth to invoice your sponsor. You will need to work with your sponsor to make sure that all documentation has been submitted to us by the deadline.

If you are a sponsor

Sponsors must submit the Sponsor Billing Authorization Form (PDF) and Sponsor Financial Agreement (PDF) to our sponsored billing team.

Outside organizations qualify for sponsored billing if:

  • They cover all or most of a student’s tuition and fees
  • They plan to send payments directly to UMass Dartmouth
  • They require an itemized invoice addressed in their name

Examples include:

  • U.S. or foreign company
  • U.S. government, department, or agency (excluding the Dept. of Education)
  • Foreign embassy
  • Pre-paid college plan⁠*
  • State programs, including Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, Commission for the Blind

Where to send documents

You can email, fax, or mail documents to:

UMass Dartmouth
Bursar’s Office
285 Old Westport Rd
Dartmouth, MA 02747-2300
ATTN: Page Cote

Fax: 508.910.6643

Additional information for students

If you are being reimbursed by your employer or if your employer pays only based on grades or completion of the course, you cannot participate in sponsored billing.

Students who receive reimbursement upon submission of grades or completion of sponsor terms must adhere to the Institute’s established payment due dates.

You will continue to receive a monthly student account statement in COIN.

You are responsible for checking in with your sponsor and ensuring that your sponsor pays on time. Payment is expected within the first two months of the semester.

Sponsors can’t be billed for previous terms or for any charges that are not posted to your account.

A balance on your account after the payment deadline has passed may result in a registration or degree hold and may be assessed a late fee.

* For the following state-run 529 plans: Florida Prepaid, Texas Tomorrow and College Illinois, UMass Dartmouth will send confirmation of charges to each plan after the student has registered for the term. Payments for these plans, as well as any other plan in which families participate, will be credited to the students account upon receipt of payment.