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Sponsor Billing

Sponsored billing is when an outside agency has agreed to pay all or part of your tuition and fees directly to the university. All documents must be submitted by the last day of add/drop for each semester. After sending your sponsor document, you must make a payment of any remaining balance not covered by the sponsor before the payment deadline. If you are being reimbursed by your sponsor or if your sponsor pays only based on grades or completion of the course(s), you cannot participate in sponsored billing. Students who receive reimbursement upon submission of grades or completion of sponsor terms must adhere to the University’s established payment due dates.

Sponsor billing document requirements

  • Be printed on company letterhead and addressed to the contact listed below
  • Include the student’s name and student ID number
  • Include the semester/start and end date of the sponsorship
    • List all fees covered by the contract
    • Tuition
    • Mandatory Program Fees/Student Life Fee
    • Other Fees (Orientation Fee, Transcript Fee, Graduation Fee)
  • Include any special billing instructions
  • Include the complete billing address of the sponsor organization, including a primary contact name, email address, telephone and fax number.
  • Be signed by an authorized official and the student if applicable
  • For some sponsors the documentation is equivalent to a Purchase Order (PO), Letter of Credit, Voucher or Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training form.

Where to send documents

The preferred method is to submit an inquiry to the Student Service Center (please choose these options, topic: Bursar and detail: Sponsor Billing).

Other options are to send a fax to 508.910.6643 or mail to the address below:

Bursar’s Office
ATTN: Sponsored Billing
285 Old Westport Road
Dartmouth, MA 02747-2300

Additional information for students

  • Late fees will be assessed if sponsored billing paperwork is filed late.
  • It is not assumed that you will have continuous coverage from a sponsor. New paperwork is required for every semester.
  • Students will continue to receive eBill notifications.
  • Students are responsible for checking in with their sponsor and ensuring that their sponsor pays on time. Payment is expected within the first two months of the semester. A balance on your account after the payment deadline has passed may result in a registration or degree hold and may be assessed a late fee.
    Some embassies, state/government agencies and 529 plans may send notification directly to the university. 
  • Students must complete a FERPA Authorization Form through COIN in order for your sponsor to speak with any of the following offices: Student Service Center, Bursar’s Office or Financial Aid Office regarding your account activity. 
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