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Tuition plus mandatory fees

Full-year rates: 2022-2023

MA Residents Regional/Proximity UMassD Direct* Out-of-State/International
$14,854 $20,130 $20,130 $30,992

With room & board

Based on Unlimited Plus Dining Plan (unlimited meal swipes) and double room for a full year

MA Residents


UMassD Direct* Out-of-State/International
$31,347 $36,623 $36,623 $47,485

*UMassD Direct: Beginning with Fall 2022 applicants from New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, will be charged the full-time out-of-state tuition rate of $30,992 and are eligible for a $10,862 UMassD Direct rate adjustment.


Billing is done by semester. Installment payment plans are available. All expenses are subject to change at the discretion of the university, the state, or the Board of Higher Education.

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Additional cost details: 2022 - 2023

Individual college fees (annual based on student's registered major)
Arts & Sciences $426 - $928 (based on student's registered major)
Business $496
Engineering $1,350
Nursing & Health Sciences $1,289
Visual & Performing Arts $902
CVPA: Applied Music fee $800 per course
One time only fees
Orientation - First-years $275.00
Orientation - Transfers $150.00
Orientation - International $260.00
Graduation fee $195.00
Transcript fee $100.00
Optional fees
Mass PIRG (Waivable) $18.00
Health insurance*
*mandatory for international students
Other fees as appropriate
Continuation of Program $250.00 per semester
Exchange fee $250.00 per semester
Honors College fee $300.00 per year
International students fee $520.00 per year
Re-admit fee $60.00

Housing rates & meal plans

Textbooks & other costs

Students should budget $1,000 to $2,300 for books, supplies, etc. Students in some majors also incur additional costs, such as lab fees.

More information: Cost of attendance