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Office of Technology Commercialization & Ventures

CVIP patent cert

Intellectual Property and Industry Relations at UMass Dartmouth

The Office of Technology Commercialization and Ventures (OTCV; formerly CVIP) is responsible for the protection and commercialization of intellectual property arising from research conducted at UMass Dartmouth. Faculty, students and staff who are looking for information on how to protect their intellectual property or seeking guidance on dealing with industry should visit the faculty information page. Invention disclosure forms and copies of university policies can also be found on the right hand side of this page under the heading forms. Companies and entrepreneurs interested in licensing technology or sponsoring research at the University should visit the technologies page .

Our Mission 

The mission of OTCV at UMass Dartmouth is to facilitate the transfer of technology arising from government, foundation and industrial sponsored university research to the private sector. We work with faculty and students to protect and facilitate development of inventions having potential commercial utility, to help foster mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships between the University and industry, and to promote an innovative and entrepreneurial culture at the University. OTCV’s goal is to enable the successful transfer of commercially viable technology from the laboratory to the marketplace for public use and benefit. 


The main objectives of OTCV are:

  • to review and protect inventions having commercial potential, via patents, copyrights or other available strategies, in order to promote their commercial development toward practical applications;
  • to foster a culture of innovation, facilitate commercially promising endeavors, and positively contribute to the University’s entrepreneurial ecosystem;
  • to seek new business opportunities and form productive collaborations with industry in an effort to increase research and licensing revenue to the University;
  • to generate income for inventors and the University as a whole for use in supporting further research, technology development and transfer;
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