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Inventions Available for Licencing

Textile and Fabric Technologies

Life Sciences

  • UMD15-06 Guo. Near Infrared Fluorescent Probe for Imaging Reactive Species Damage in
  • Live Cells. 
    • US patents issued: (US10,712,268) and (US11,422,091)
  • UMD16-08 Guo. Iron Sensing Fluorescent Probes. 
    • US Patent 11685741 
  • UMD18-01 Bucci. Genetically Engineered Microbiome Organisms.
    • US Patent 11560543
  • UMD19-03 Bucci. Microcin I47: Fighting Drug-Resistant Bacteria 
    • Patent Pending

Renewable Energy

  • UMD11-03 MacDonald. Systems and Methods for Wave Energy Conversion.   
    •  US Patent No. 9,581,128
  • UMD15-03 MacDonald. Tethered Ballast Systems for Point Absorbing Wave Energy Converters.

Material Science and Chemistry

  • UMD18-05 Sengupta. Method for Silver Recovery. 
    • US patent issued (US10,807,088)

Communications, Computer and Information Technologies

  • UMD08-12 Powell. Approximate SRT Division Method. 
    • US Patent No. 8,725,786
  • UMD18-09 Yi. Modified Sagnac Loop Coherent Phase Modulated RF Photonic Link. 
    • US patent issued (US10,790,911)
  • UMD18-10 Yi. Pulsed Sagnac Loop Phase Modulated RF Photonic Link. 
    • US patent issued (US10,812,197)
  • UMD18-11 Kaslingam et al. Sensor Array Beamforming and Range Profiling.

Ocean Sciences

  • UMD11-03 MacDonald. Systems and Methods for Wave Energy Conversion. 
    • US Patent No. 9,581,128. 
  • UMD15-03 MacDonald. Tethered Ballast Systems for Point Absorbing Wave Energy Converters. 
    • US patent issued (US11,156,200)
  •  UMD20-03 Browne. Wave-Powered Electricity Generation Device.
    • US Patent Pending (US17/996,262)
  • UMD20-10 Browne. AUV/UUV In-water Recharging with Pivoting Docking Station.
    • US Patent Pending (US17/845,015)
  • UMD16-09 Pasteris. Aquatic-Data Profiler
    • US Patent Pending
  • UMD23-03 Ling. SHS Plastron Restoration: Enhancing Liquid Repellency and Drag Reduction 
    • US Patent Pending


  • UMD23-01 Guo. Precision Cancer Treatment with Targeted Platinum Agents.
    • US Patent Pending (63/380,863)

Energy and Environment

  • UMD21-03 Yang. Electrochemical Ammunition Disposal System and Method.
    • US Patent Pending (PCT/US22/25482)
  • UMD17-01 Yang. Cleaner Biogas by Sustainable H2S Removal.
    • US Patent No. 11,156,200

For more information on any of these inventions, please contact Catherine Ives at UMass Dartmouth OTCV.


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