Inventions for Licensing

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Textile and Fabric Technologies

Flocking Technology

UMD06-01. Kim. Method for Increasing Fiber Density in Electrostatic Flocking. US Patent No. 7,354,626.

UMD12-04. Lewis. Panel for absorbing mechanical impact energy and method of manufacture.US Patent No. 9,440,413.

UMD13-05. Lewis. Flexible, fibrous energy managing composite panels. US Patent No.9,788,589

UMD14-01 Kim. Flocked electro-active sensing (FEAS) materials and energy generating devices.

UMD14-02. Kim. Integrally Flocked Impact Absorbing Outside Covering System for Support Helmets.

UMD15-01 Kim.  Structured Flock Fiber Reinforced Layer.

Other Fabric Technologies

UMD04-01. Kim and Lewis. Lead Pellet Recovery Fabrics. US Patent Nos. 7,851,388 and 8,124,175.

UMD07-03. Kim. Materials Methodology to Improve the Delamination Strength of Laminar Composites. US Patent No. 7,981,495.

UMD07-15. Ugbolue. Auxetic Fabric Structures and Related Methods. US Patent No. 8,772,187.

Life Sciences

UMD15-06 ‌. Guo. Near Infrared Fluorescent Probe for Imaging Reactive Species Damage in Live Cells.

UMD16-08/UMD17-02Guo. Iron Sensing Fluorescent Probes.

UMD17-06. Guo. Conjugate Molecules as Anticancer agents

UMD18-01. Bucci. Genetically Engineered Microbiome Organisms.

Renewable Energy

UMD17-04. Cappillino and Agar. Bio-Inspired Non-Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries.

Material Science and Chemistry

UMD05-02. Warner. Nanocomposite Polymers. US Patent No. 8,143,339.

UMD07-08. Bullock. Three Dimensional Micro-Fluidic Pumps and Valves. US Patent No. 8,096,786.

UMD16-01. Yang. Method and Appartus for ammunition disposal and material recovery.

UMD18-05. Sengupta. Method for Silver Recovery


Communications, Computer and Information Technologies

UMD04-04. Michel. Artificial Neuron with Phase Encoded Logic. US Patent No. 7.401.058

UMD08-02. Fortier, Mitsa. Adaptive hybrid reasoning decision support system. US Patent No. 8,504,514 and 8,244,733.

UMD08-12. Powell. Approximate SRT Division Method. US Patent No. 8,725,786.

UMD16-06. Louhghalam. Measuring Road Roughness and Fuel Consumption.

UMD 16-11‌ Mitsa, Fortier. Adaptive, Hybrid Reasoning Support System for Personnel Hiring

UMD16-10. Rancour and Michel. Self-Trained Analog Artificial Neural Network Circuits.

UMD18-09. Yi. Modified Sagnac Loop Coherent Phase Modulated RF Photonic Link.

UMD18-10. Yi, Pulsed Sagnac Loop Phase Modulated RF Photonic Link.

UMD18-11. Kaslingam et al. Sensor Array Beamforming and Range Profiling.

Ocean Sciences

UMD07-05. MacDonald. Enhanced Surface Cooling of Thermal Discharges. US Patent No. 9,003,813.

UMD10-04. Chamberlain. Methods and systems for determining fish catches. US Patent No. 9,367,930

UMD11-03. MacDonald. Systems and Methods for Wave Energy Conversion. US Patent No. 9,581,128. 

UMD15-03. MacDonald. Tethered Ballast Systems for Point Absorbing Wave Energy Converters.


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