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LGBTQIA+ Resources

You don’t have to come out to come in!

Welcome to the Center for Women, Gender & Sexuality LGBTQIA+ Resource page! Please take some time to navigate around our pages for a variety of resources, contacts, programs, and support. Also, we hope you will visit our center in the Campus Center, Suite 207.  Whether online or in person, our center is a place for everyone to explore their own and others’ identities. We invite you to join in the exploration. 

Whether you are out, coming out, in-between, questioning, or exploring your gender identity, we have professional staff able to help you. 


The Center organizes LGBTQIA+ History Month, National Coming Out Day, Transgender Awareness Week and an annual LGBTQIA+ Youth Symposium for high school students and allies. 

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

As of this date, we have 62 all gender bathrooms throughout campus. All Gender Bathrooms

Local Resources:

National Resources:

Hotlines, Peer Support Lines, and Crisis Prevention:

Looking for a LGBTQIA+ Provider? Check out our Health & Wellness page!

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