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Reproductive Health & Wellness

Reproductive Health & Wellness

The Center for Women, Gender & Sexuality, originally founded in 1970 as the Women’s Referral Center, started as a problem pregnancy and birth control referral center at a time when abortion, and birth control for unmarried women were illegal. Staff at the center remain able and willing to discuss options with anyone who is, is concerned about, being pregnant.

In light of the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, CWGS remains dedicated to referring women and pregnant people to safe abortion providers and educating students on their birth control options. 

In 2021, the Massachusetts Supreme Court recognized the right to abortion under the state's constitution. Abortion remains legal. To view the legality of abortion beyond Massachusetts, vist the Center for Reproductive Rights

Furthermore, the 2020 Massachusetts Roe Act protects 16 and 17 year olds' right to seek abortion care in consultation with their healthcare provider. To learn more, visit Planned Parenthood.

CWGS recommends the following resources for individuals in need of pregnancy tests, emergency contraception or abortion services:

Pregnancy tests can be obtained at Health Services. 

Emergency Contraception (Plan B One-Step, ella) is available over the counter in Massachusetts. It is generally located in the same section as condoms and pregnancy tests. To learn more about emergency contraception, click here: 

Abortion is available at clinics in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, where abortion remains legally protected. The Center for Women, Gender & Sexuality is available to help answer questions you may have. For more information about abortion providers, support, and resources, please see below:

Abortion Clinics

Abortion Provider Databases

Abortion & Reproductive Justice Advocacy

Abortion Funds

Post Abortion Support


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