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New Faculty Institute

Fall 2022 Schedule

All NFI meetings take place on Wednesdays from 3.00-5.00 p.m. in the Office of Faculty Development (Library 212) unless noted otherwise. The OFD will provide coffee, tea, soft drinks, and snacks at all sessions!

Many sessions will include interactive trainings and tutorials, so please bring your laptops.

Additional information and materials can be found at



Wednesday, 9/14: Getting Things Started & Welcome Reception

Join us as we begin the 2022-2023 New Faculty Institute! Reacquaint yourself with your new faculty cohort and bring any questions from your first week of classes. We’ll have a brief conversation and overview of the OFD.

At 4:00 p.m., we will proceed downstairs to the Grand Reading Room for our annual New Faculty Welcome Reception. We will be joined by Provost Hanchen Huang, Associate Provost Robert Jones, members of the Office of Faculty Development, and the college deans. All new faculty members will be formally welcomed to the university and introduced by their respective deans.

Wednesday, 9/21: Overview of Student Support Services

As faculty members, we have our students’ best interests in mind and we want to help them achieve success in concrete and meaningful ways. In this session join Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Dr. Kimberly Scott, and members of the Division of Student Affairs as they share information and referral contacts pertaining to the services that faculty are likely to utilize in their efforts to support students in and out of the classroom.

Wednesday, 9/28: CITS Instructional Development / Online Teaching and Learning

Join Damon Gatenby, Director of Instructional Technology, and Rachel Rebello, Lead Instructional Designer, to discuss the services, resources, and workshops provided by CITS Instructional Development. They will also review strategies and best practices for teaching blended and fully online courses.



Wednesday, 10/5: Library Resources & Writing and Multiliteracy Center

Dr. Elisabeth Buck, Director of the Writing and Multiliteracy Center (WMC) will discuss the services the WMC offers to students, including peer tutoring and classroom visitations. Kari Mofford, Sonia Pacheco, and JoAnn Cooley from the Claire T. Carney Library will survey library resources for students and faculty across the disciplines.

Wednesday, 10/12: COIN and Academic Advising

Ben Baumann, Kristina Leonardo and Keith Coutu from the Registrar’s Office will conduct a COIN tutorial with a focus on academic advising. Then advising coordinators and advisors from different colleges will discuss strategies for effective student advising, and Jim Anderson, Director of Enrollment Management, will offer a brief presentation on the university’s efforts in the areas of enrollment, recruitment, and retention.

Wednesday, 10/19: Sponsored Research and Research Compliance: Processes, Opportunities, and Supports

Join Vice Chancellor for Research Ramprasad Balasubramanian, Director of Research Administration Megan Hennessey-Greene, Research Development Manager Jennifer Glass,   and Director of Institutional Ethics and Compliance Stephanie Pena to discuss external and internal research grant opportunities, ethics, and research compliance.

Wednesday, 10/26: An Introduction to Curricular Policies and Processes

How do you develop and propose a new course in your department? How can you propose one of your existing courses for inclusion in University Studies? What is a roster verification request and why is it important? What action should you take when a student contests a grade or asks for an incomplete? How do you handle a case of plagiarism or academic dishonesty? Members of this panel will discuss these and other curricular processes and academic policies.



Wednesday, 11/2: Best Practices for Teaching and Learning

Join OFD Assistant Directors Tom Hertweck and Katie Krafft for a session introducing a variety of best practices for teaching and learning. Topics will include course design and development, strategies for active learning, “small teaching,” and anti-oppressive pedagogy.

Wednesday, 11/9: No NFI Meeting—University follows FRIDAY schedule

Wednesday, 11/16: Meeting with Provosts and Deans

Provost Hanchen Huang, Associate Provost Robert Jones, and the deans of your respective colleges will discuss topics related to teaching, scholarship and professional activity, and service as well as specific personnel actions including the annual faculty activities report (FAR), contract renewal, tenure, and promotion.

Wednesday, 11/23: No NFI Meeting – Thanksgiving Holiday

Wednesday, 11/30: Coffee with the Chancellor

As the semester winds down, join Chancellor Mark Fuller for a unique opportunity to hear about some recent campus updates, his vision for UMass Dartmouth, and what he sees as top priorities for the campus’s success. Chancellor Fuller also welcomes the opportunity to hear about your experiences at UMassD thus far and discuss any questions you might have.



Wednesday, 12/7: Contract Renewals and Personnel Actions

Building on our earlier meeting with the Provost and Deans, this session will describe the process of annual reviews, contract renewals, and tenure and promotion applications. Join members of the OFD staff to discuss strategies for shaping effective teaching, research, and service narratives as well as gathering and documenting supporting evidence. As an end-of-semester celebration, pizza will be served at this session!