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Spring 2022 Calendar of Events

All NFI meetings take place on Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. in the Office of Faculty Development seminar room (Library 213) unless noted otherwise.  NFI will also be offered in a hybrid format with participation available remotely via Zoom. The Zoom link and passcode will be sent under separate cover.

Additional materials and information about NFI can be found on the OFD website:





January 26



Welcome back!

NFI Meeting: Getting Started Again

As we regroup for the second semester of NFI, we will reflect on the successes and challenges of Fall 2021 and work together to plan strategies for productive teaching, scholarship, and service in Spring 2022 and beyond. We will also provide an overview of OFD programming and opportunites for the coming semester.






February 2


NFI Meeting: Faculty Federation and Faculty Senate


Doug Roscoe, President of the Faculty Senate, and Grant O’Reilly, President of the Faculty Federation, will discuss the roles played by the Senate and the Federation at UMass Dartmouth.  

February 9


NFI Meeting: Reflective Practice to Avoid Burnout


Self-care and preventing burnout, whether we are working on campus or at home during a pandemic, are significant professional concerns. This presentation describes the practical self-care strategy of intentionally building awareness of work habits to increase understanding of how different types of work influence our energy levels. By using our calendars as a way to openly examine our workdays and reflecting on the impact that a variety of workplace endeavors have on personal wellbeing, we can take agency to make small changes in our days for a positive influence on our energy levels, engagement, and quality of life. 

Join Kari Mofford (Health Services and Engineering Librarian, UMass Dartmouth Library) and Kimberly Burke Sweetman (Associate Dean of the University Library, University of New Hampshire) will discuss the importance of and how to reflect on their scheduling to identify long-term and short-term changes that will help in preventing burnout and creating a healthier schedule.  Participants will also consider the degree to which they have control over their calendar, as acknowledging this reality is helpful in creating a mindful approach.

Note: This session will also be conducted as an OFD workshop open to all faculty.

February 16

NFI Meeting: College Now and Academic Resource Center

Join Craig Elkins, Director of College Now/START; Sokratis Koumas, Director of the Academic Resource Center, and John Fernandes and Chris Peter from the STEM Learning Lab for a discussion about resources available to faculty and students.

February 23

NFI Meeting: Office of Undergraduate Research


Pamela Karimi, Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) and Associate Professor of Art History, will discuss opportunities and support for undergraduate research, including faculty/student research mentorship and collaboration, at UMass Dartmouth.





March 2


NFI Meeting: Honors College   


Amy Shapiro, Director of the Honors College, will discuss the Honors College at UMass Dartmouth, including opportunities to teach honors course and mentor undergraduate research projects.


March 9

No NFI Meeting – Spring Break


March 16


NFI Meeting: International Programs


Daniel Pirbudagov, Executive Director of International Education, and representatives from International Student and Scholar Center will discuss faculty and student opportunities for international education and study abroad, as well as resources for international students and scholars. 


March 23


NFI Meeting: Presentations from the Center for Women, Gender, and Sexuality and Title IX Office


Juli Parker and Ashley Ruderman-Looff will discuss the Center for Women, Gender and Sexuality and Mary Beckwith and David Gomes will share important information regarding Title IX.



March 30


NFI Meeting: Faculty Reading Group Presentations


This year, the OFD sponsored three faculty reading groups on the following titles and or topics:



In this session, faculty participants and facilitators from all four groups will visit NFI to share key concepts, overarching questions, and practical pedagogical strategies that have arisen in their discussions.





April 6


NFI Meeting: Faculty Activities Reports (FAR)


In this session, we will work through the process of preparing your annual

faculty activities report (FAR), including ways to document and

provided evidence for your scholarship and professional activity; teaching and advising; and service. 


Note: All full-time faculty are encouraged to attend this session.

April 13


NFI Meeting: Preparing the 3rd/4th Year Contract Renewal


This session will focus on the process of preparing your 3rd/4th

Contract Renewal dossier (as well as the 5th/6th contract renewal and eventual

tenure dossier). We will also spend some time reflecting on your first year

at UMass Dartmouth and looking ahead to your future research and teaching.


April 20

No NFI Meeting—Follow Monday class schedule


April 27

NFI Meeting: Planning for Summer and Beyond


This, our final session, will be conducted as a workshop focused on planning your first summer at UMass Dartmouth. What are your plans for scholarship, research, and writing? What progress do you wish to make on your scholarship? How will you reinvent and reinvigorate your pedagogy? What will you do to balance productivity with an opportunity to refresh and recharge before next academic year? How can the OFD continue to serve you beyond your experience in the New Faculty Institute? 


Note: This session will be conducted as an OFD workshop open to all faculty.




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