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Software licensing

CITS manages software licenses for faculty, staff, students, and technology-enabled classrooms. Software licensing is divided into three separate types:

  • freely available to all faculty, staff, and students
  • site licensed, which is restricted to installation for any faculty or staff member on any university-owned and tagged computer
  • limited licensed, which means that the university has purchased a finite number of copies of the software for installation on university-owned and tagged computers and is limited to one copy per faculty or staff member

Please note that any software listed as "freely available" may be downloaded from the CITS software downloads page, or from the software developer's page.

For specific questions regarding software installation, please contact CITS at 508.999.8900 or use our online IT Help Form.


Software table

Software Title

Adobe Acrobat Reader Windows/macOS Freely available
Adobe Acrobat Pro Windows/macOS

Site licensed and available for
faculty and staff +

Available to students in public computer labs

Adobe Creative Cloud** Windows/macOS

Site licensed and available for
faculty and staff +

Available to students in public computer labs

Filemaker Pro Windows/macOS Limited licensed
macOS macOS Freely available
Maple Windows/macOS Limited licensed
Mathematica Windows/macOS Site licensed *
MATLAB Windows/macOS Site licensed *
Microsoft Office Windows/macOS Site licensed +
Qualtrics Windows/macOS/Linux Siite licensed +
Schrodinger Windows/macOS/Linux Site licensed +
Sophos AntiVirus Windows/macOS Site licensed +
SPSS Windows/macOS Limited licensed
VMware Fusion Client Windows/macOS Site licensed *
Web Browsers Windows/macOS Freely available
Windows OS  Windows Site licensed and available for
students, faculty, and staff
Zoom Windows/macOS Limited licensed +

+ More information available on the software downloads page.

*  Available for students, faculty, and staff via the software downloads page.

**Adobe Creative Cloud includes every Adobe Creative Cloud application.



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