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UMass Dartmouth provides telephone, data, and cable television networks for the entire campus. Every resident student room, faculty and staff office, and classroom has access to the university network. Every port is active. Our self-registration system allows you to connect your computer to the network and access the Internet.

Students are not allowed to setup a router (wired or wireless) for any reason, as they cause interference with the campus network.

Wireless Devices

The university wireless network allows faculty, staff, and students to connect to the Internet and other campus services in most areas on the main campus, as well as the Law School, and satellite campuses. This includes all academic buildings, study areas, cafeterias, and the Claire T. Carney Library, as well as the Residence Halls.

To connect to the campus secure wireless network (eduroam), the wireless device must support X-Authentication (IEEE 802.1x). Most smartphones, tablets, notebooks, etc. support this technology.

While most laptops and mobile devices work with eduroam, there are a few known hardware incompatibilities with the eduroam network. This is not specific to UMass Dartmouth. If you are having difficulties connecting, contact CITS at 508.999.8900

Desktop Computers

The simplest way to connect your computer to the internet is to plug into a network port with a standard ethernet cable. Wired devices must be registered using the owner's UMassD Logon information.

A minimum of Windows 7 or MacOS 10.10 is recommended. Antivirus software must be installed and kept up to date when using the campus network.

Game Consoles and Media Streaming

Game consoles and media streaming devices are allowed on the campus network, and may be used wired or wirelessly.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN software provides secure connections for normally non-secure methods of Internet communication, and is required to access network shares and most administrative systems from off-campus locations.


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