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A virtual private network, or VPN, allows a user to create an encrypted connection between a computer workstation and a VPN server, to ensure that all the traffic between these two points is encrypted and secure.

The university uses a VPN server to give users the ability to access network shares and university systems from off-campus locations.

To use the VPN, a user must have a valid UMassD Logon.

How to set up VPN software

To use VPN, you must install the client software for your computer. For university-owned computers, the VPN client is available for self-service download.

Then open the instructions for your operating system, and follow the procedure in the order described:

For personally-owned Windows computers, download and configure the Check Point Capsule VPN client software using these instructions:

To access specific secure university systems, including Document Imaging, use the Single Tunnel client.


For questions or help with VPN, visit IT Service Centers & Hours.


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