‌Software to help you manage, protect and improve the functionality of your computer:

Downloads for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for free from Adobe.


Mathematica is available to university Students, Faculty and Staff for free from Wolfram.



Matlab is available to university Students, Faculty and Staff for free from Mathworks. Visit the Matlab page for more information.


Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office (Mac/Windows) is available to university Students, Faculty and Staff for free from Microsoft on up to 5 devices. Visit the Microsoft Office portal page at and log in using your UMassD Logon information. In the upper-right of the portal page, click the Install Office apps menu, and choose an installation option.



Schrodinger Software Suite is freely available for UMass Dartmouth Students, Faculty, and Staff. You must be on the UMass Dartmouth Network in order to run the program. The installers are available to students on flash media and can be signed out through the IT Service Center. Faculty and Staff should contact the IT Service Center at x8790 or for more information.


Sophos Endpoint Protection Antivirus

All computers connected to the campus network are required to have up-to-date antivirus software installed and enabled. Resident Students may download Sophos Endpoint Protection from on their computer in the residence halls. Faculty and Staff may download from


VMWare Fusion

VMWare Fusion is available to university Students, Faculty and Staff for free. Visit Corsair Desktop for more information.


Web Browsers

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are freely available from their respective websites.



Zoom video conference software is available to university Students, Faculty and Staff for free. To host a meeting with more than two people (you and one participant) requires a special license. Faculty and Staff should contact the Lab Space Operations at x8856 or use for more information.

Downloads for Students Only

Mathcad, Solidworks, and other software is available at a discount or for free to many Engineering students. Visit Software available to students for more information.


Downloads for Faculty and Staff Only

Adobe Creative Cloud

UMass Dartmouth has a site license for the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications that allows each Faculty and Staff member one installation on a personally-owned computer, and one on a university-owned computer. Adobe Creative Cloud includes Acrobat DC, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere, and other software titles. Follow the links below for installation instructions for personally-owned computers.

On university-owned computers, Faculty and Staff can contact the I.T. Service Center at 508.999.8790, email, or use our online IT Help form to request installation. Mac users can also use Self Service, located in the computer's Applications folder, to install Creative Cloud.


Discounted Faculty and Staff pricing for Microsoft Windows and other software.

This is managed by a 3rd party vendor (Kivuto) in conjunction with Microsoft and other software companies. All purchasing and licensing are handled directly via Kivuto. Please select University of Massachusetts Dartmouth from the school listings at and then follow the instructions to register on their site. Be sure to save any download instructions or license code emails you receive from them.