Curricular Design

FYE teaches academic argument over a year-long sequence that scaffolds the processes of college-level reading, writing, and researching. The assignments in ENL 101 and 102 mirror each other in places to build in deliberate practice of key skills, such as analysis, evaluation and synthesis. 

In ENL 101 and 102, students practice skills in:

  • Argument analysis and issue synthesis
  • Discussion and research
  • Revision and workshopping

Beginning with the This We Believe project, the FYE curriculum asks students to analyze what others say individually, synthesize diverse responses into shared perspectives, and respond to the conversation with their own grounded argument. Students also reflect on their own work and that of their peers. FYE courses approach writing as an iterative, collaborative activity.

FYE Courses

ENL 101 courses are built around a literacy theme, in which students read selected texts that argue and question academic, professional and social literacy practices. In ENL 102, students select from a diverse array of themed courses designed by our instructors. Students build out from a focused set of class readings to develop research that allows them to frame an academic conversation and make an informed contribution.

After completing the FYE sequence, students are be able to:

  • Produce college-level academic arguments 
  • Analyze and respond to arguments
  • Incorporate and accurately document outside sources.

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