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Waivers and Transfers for First Year English

Waiver & Transfer Credit Process

Some students may have transfer credit already in place or may have exam scores that automatically waive them out of an FYE course. The University Registrar can confirm the credit transfer for you. If the registrar confirms your credits count for ENL 101 and/or ENL 102, no further action is needed on your part. 

When transfers do not automatically happen, students may need permission from FYE to have a previous institution’s credits or course waiver transferred. In these cases, students should initiate a conversation with the FYE director to determine what options are possibles. We generally consider questions about FYE waivers for students who either:

  • took first-year English courses at another institution, but for whom the credit did not transfer AND the outside course was comparable in nature
  • used CLEP, AP or IB credit to waive out of first-year English courses elsewhere and are seeking waiver of their first-year writing courses at UMassD
  • had their first-year English courses waived elsewhere and are seeking waiver of their first-year writing courses at UMassD

Not every request results in a waiver, and in some cases, students will need to take our waiver exam to demonstrate college-level reading and writing proficiency.

If you believe you are eligible for a waiver, send an email to the FYE Program Director.

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