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In-person & virtual support

STAR Center is open to help students and families during the summer.

The College of Arts and Sciences Student Transition and Achievement Resource Center (CAS STAR Center) provides advising for College of Arts and Sciences students. In addition, STAR Center Professional and Faculty advisors are the primary advisors for all Arts and Sciences Undeclared (ASU), ASU Pre-Engineering, and ASU-Pre Sciences students. 

Professional academic advisors, peer mentors, and faculty advisors from most Arts & Sciences majors and minors can help you plan your academic career thoughtfully and thoroughly.

Explore majors and minors

Visit the CAS STAR Center for advice when you're:

  • Considering which major or minor to choose
  • Contemplating a double major
  • Transitioning to a new major

Undergraduate Degree Maps

The UMassD CAS Degree Maps are a guide for students to earn their undergraduate degree. The Degree Maps show one way that students can earn a degree in the major in four years. Students should meet with their academic and faculty advisor every semester to ensure they are on track for timely graduation and for meeting all their academic goals. The Degree Maps do not supersede any university requirements for graduation nor do these documents supersede the official catalog of the university. Please note these are subject to change. 

Graduate students should consult with their respective programs on degree planning. 

Degree Maps by Major (opens as a PDF)

  • Biology, BS (PDF)
  • Biology, BS – Marine Biology concentration (PDF)
  • Biology, BS – Conservation concentration (PDF)
  • Biology, BS -  Cell and Molecular concentration (PDF)
  • Biology, BS -  Ecology and Evolution concentration (PDF)
  • Chemistry, BS 
  • Chemistry – Biochemistry concentration 
  • Communication, BA (PDF)
  • Crime & Justice Studies, BA (PDF)
  • Economics, BA (PDF)
  • Economics, BS (PDF)
  • English, BA (PDF)
  • English, BA – Creative and Professional Writing concentration (PDF)
  • English, BA – Literature and Criticism concentration (PDF)
  • Health & Society, BA (PDF)
  • Health & Society, BS (PDF)
  • Healthcare Administration, BS (PDF)
  • History, BA (PDF)
  • Liberal Arts, BA (PDF)
  • Mathematics, BA (PDF)
  • Mathematics, BS (PDF)
  • Mathematics, BS – Applied Statistics concentration (PDF)
  • Mathematics, BS – Applied and Computational concentration (PDF)
  • Philosophy, BA (including Pre-Law) (PDF)
  • Political Science, BA (including International Politics and Pre-Law) (PDF)
  • Public Administration, BA (PDF)
  • Public Administration, BS (PDF)
  • Sociology & Anthropology, BA 
  • Women’s & Gender Studies, BA (PDF)

Important Notes 

  • Students should meet regularly with their academic and faculty advisors to review the plan, there may be flexibility when a student chooses to take a class
  • Students should review the College (denoted on the degree maps as "CAS" or "CAS Soc/Hm" for example) and University Studies (denoted on the degree maps as "US 1B" or similar) requirements.  
  • Student should review the official university catalog for requirements 
  • Courses listed in each semester does not guarantee that they will be offered in that semester, students should consult the official schedule of classes for class availability

Enrich your academic experience

CAS STAR Center advisors can point you in right direction for information about:

Focus on Academic Opportunities

Become a peer mentor

Arts and Sciences students: are you interested in advising fellow students at the STAR Center? You will develop your interpersonal skills while helping other students identify options and opportunities. Stop by LARTS 222 to learn more about this rewarding experience!


Cheryl Bednarik

Clerk V

Liberal Arts Program
Liberal Arts 222


Celina Chaves
Celina Chaves

Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Student Transition & Achievement Resource Center
Liberal Arts 222


Jessica Oliveira '00

Academic Advising Coordinator, Pre-Professional Programs

College of Arts & Sciences
Liberal Arts 222


Leanne Robinson
Leanne Robinson

Academic Advisor

Student Transition & Achievement Resource Center
Liberal Arts 222


Monica Godinho
Monica Godinho

STAR Center Senior Coordinator

Student Transition & Achievement Resource Center
Liberal Arts 222A


Romayne Grace
Romayne Grace

STAR Center Coordinator

Student Transition & Achievement Resource Center
Liberal Arts 222C


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