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Pre-Law advising at UMassD

The pre-law advising program prepares students for admission into a quality law school. With the help of a pre-law advisor, students select recommended courses that will help them prepare for the academic rigor of law school and the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). The program assists students in being well positioned to succeed in their legal education and career.

The pre-law advising program is open to all majors, and encourages students to choose the major they are most interested in, then recommends courses within that major that develop reading, writing, and analytical skills. Students that absolutely know they wish to pursue a legal education and career can opt to major in political science with a concentration in pre-law, or minor in legal studies.

College of Arts and Sciences majors who seek pre-law advisement for two semesters are eligible for the Three-Plus-Three Program with UMass School of Law, which provides a fast track to a law degree in six rather than seven years. The program leads to a bachelor's degree by UMass Dartmouth and a Juris Doctor degree by UMass School of Law.

All students considering law school should make an appointment to meet with the Pre-Law advisor, who is available to assist students in evaluating and pursuing a career in law.