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The pre-law advisor works with students of all majors by discussing student professional goals in one-on-one meetings.

The pre-law advisor also provides information about the complex law school application process. Since many students have limited knowledge about the procedures necessary to gain entry to law school, a vital pre-law program is essential in empowering students to achieve their career goals.

The pre-law program provides students with useful information, personal advising services, and administrative support in gaining entry into a quality law school.

The pre-law advisor provides information and guidance on

  • Deciding whether law school is the right choice
  • Planning a course of study
  • Securing an internship
  • Law school selection
  • Preparing for the LSAT
  • Applying to law school
  • UMass Dartmouth’s 3+3 Program with UMass School of Law • Dartmouth

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