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Recommended Courses

Students of any UMass Dartmouth major can seek pre-law advisement and there is no set curriculum nor required courses for acceptance to law school. 

The following list represents sample UMass Dartmouth courses that any student can enroll in, please note this is not an exhaustive list. If you are interested in the law and have space in your major program of studies, students may be interested in taking a handful of the courses below. Students should consult with their major program advisor prior to enrolling in any classes outside of their major.

These classes could help students evaluate whether a law career is a good pathway, increase knowledge about the law and courts, or help develop skills necessary to take the LSAT and to prepare for success in law school.

Sample classes by subject area (in alphabetical order)

Crime & Justice Studies

  • CJS 311: Youth, Crime and Justice
  • CJS 321: Women, Crime and the Law
  • CJS 324: Gender, Crime and In-Justice
  • CJS 333: International Crime and Justice
  • CJS 340: Law and Society
  • CJS 345: Environments of Justice
  • CJS 362: Crimes against Humanity
  • CJS 364: The Death Penalty
  • CJS 366: Justice and Policy
  • CJS 370: Criminal Law and Procedure
  • CJS 374: Transformative Justice


  • HST 211 - Introduction to Modern American Legal Theory, 1870-Present

Legal Studies

  • LEG 201: Introduction to Legal Studies


  • MGT 312: Legal Frameworks of Business
  • MGT 452: Employment Law


  • PHL 110: Principles of Critical Thinking
  • PHL 326: Philosophy of Law

Political Science

  • PSC 213: Law and courts in film
  • PSC 284: Model UN
  • PSC 302: The Legislative Process
  • PSC 306 Civil Rights Movements in the US
  • PSC 311: State Politics
  • PSC 322: Constitutional Law
  • PSC 323: Civil Liberties and Rights
  • PSC 327/SUS 327: Environmental Law
  • PSC 348: Ocean Policy and Law
  • PSC 384: International Law and Organizations
  • PSC 408: Judicial Process and Behavior (Seminar)
  • PSC 473: Rules of Law (Seminar)


  • PSY 411: Psychology and the Law


  • PSC 349: Research Methods
  • ECO 332: Economic Statistics
  • PSY 210: Research Methods
  • SOA 206: Intro. to Research Methods
  • MGT 210: Business Statistics
  • HLT 216: Research Methods
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