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Language Learning & Multimedia Center

Location: LARTS, Rooms 207 & 208

Hours: when classes are in session

  • Monday - Thursday, 9am–5pm
  • Friday, 9am–4pm

The Language Learning and Multimedia Center (LLMC) is committed to promoting and facilitating the acquisition of language skills ​and explore language and culture by providing services and assistance that foster the development of communicative competency in a foreign language. Services include tutoring, drop-in sessions, and conversational groups.

Services for students

  • Tutoring: free weekly language tutoring, one-on-one
  • Drop-in sessions: informal opportunities to practice the language and ask questions about usage of the target language
  • Conversational groups: a relaxing setting where you freely practice the language use and pronunciation with a group of students at your same level
  • Tutoring for FL & Portuguese online courses: available for online students by appointment through the use of a Bb collaborate room
  • Reserved materials and movies: use of books, online sources, movies and text book ancillaries to help clarify concepts of FL & Portuguese courses
  • Computing services (only for FL & Portuguese students): use multilingual Internet access, word processing, webcams and language learning software

Services for FL & Portuguese instructors

  • Multimedia classroom 208: instructors can reserve the classroom for language study and cultural activities. Also, to watch videos and use the different web tools such as Glogster, Voki, Go Animate to create presentational activities
  • Outreach services: maintain instructors informed of what is happening in the LLMC through monthly newsletters, conversation activities calendar
  • Enrichment visits: at the beginning of the semester, tutors go to every FL & Portuguese classroom to introduce themselves and explain services offered for students at the LLMC
  • Professional workshop: integration of technology use in Foreign Language course is offered every semester for FL & Portuguese instructors

Multimedia classrooms

LARTS 207 is a multimedia room equipped for tutoring, class presentations, and workshops. Equipment includes 6 desktop computers available to complete assignments such as recordings, videotapes, and online activities. Webcams, headsets, print resources, zone-free DVD player, and a TV monitor for movie projection are also available. It is a wireless room that also has a work table with laptops and monitor to facilitate the discussion of cultural aspects of language learning.

LARTS 208 is set up for team-based learning, project-based learning and task-based learning instruction, presentations, course-related activities, and classes that integrate technology. The classroom can accommodate up to 25 students, with 5 laptops and monitors at each of 5 tables. Students can create voice recordings using software such as Audacity, MovieMaker, and Adobe Creative Suite. LARTS 208 hosts conversation group activities and group tutoring.

Guidelines for use

Students, tutors, and faculty members are responsible for following the Center's posted guidelines, such as no eating or drinking, avoidance of loud noises, proper disposal of trash, and use of equipment and programs.

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